Harmonix Working On Natal Dance Game?

Game Informer: Developer Harmonix is already working on Rock Band 3, but we've heard that there's another project in the pipeline.

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CernaML2994d ago

Nothing can beat arcade dance machines.

dizzleK2994d ago

*crosses fingers for strip aerobics*

Tony-A2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Ok, am I the only one that doesn't really see the point?

I can see the point of DDR because you're stepping in accordance to the arrows on the mat, but wouldn't this be the equivalent of dancing without a gaming console at all? Natal is controller free, for god sakes, what is my objective for this game??

Eh, whatever. Just don't overdo it, Harmonix. I literally lost count of how many Guitar Hero and Rock Band games were released.

bacano2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

between dance on your own and try to beat your record in front of the screen. I'm not saying which is better, but definitely it wouldn't be the same without the console. That's all.

Moonboots2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised. I expect Harmonix to get into the Natal thing some way. Considering the appeal GH/RB had at one time I could see them trying to recapture some of that market.

I'm just thinking how Natal could actually be used to teach you dance moves, yoga, exercise, etc. Follow the avatar on screen and Natal could actually watch and make sure you have proper form. Could have some interesting applications..