Killzone 3 teaser built from "in-game animations"

GamerZines writes:

Following the release of the brutal teaser trailer for Killzone 3, Aryeh Loeb (Producer, Guerrilla Games) has begun responding to fans queries and has revealed one juicy detail.

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saint_john_paul_ii2970d ago

This and Medal of Honor is all I need for my FPS fix into the next year.

PlainOldGamer2970d ago

Looks simply amazing! The ending of Killzone 2 only left me wanting more. It's a shame the second didn't sell as much as it should have, i hope Killzone 3 has more luck. Can't wait! ^_^

DA_SHREDDER2970d ago Show
GWAVE2970d ago


The proof is sales?

I guess that's why you play WiiFit all day, right? BEST GAME EVARRRRR!

blizzard_cool2970d ago

After getting banned around 7 times, don't you just give up? You've got some serious issues my boy...

-Alpha2970d ago

K2 didn't sell well because of the stupid commercial sucking so much. It was not an effective ad at targeting the wider masses, but then you have to understand that neither was Killzone 2. It was way different than other multiplayer shooters.

This is why they are making the controls more accessible in K3. With the KB ads I am sure this will do very well. This game is looking ace.

cLiCK_sLiCK92970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Just because something sold more than another product doesn't always mean its the better product overall. If that was the case, then I might as well say Mcdonalds has the best Cheeseburgers in the world. Or Toyota's are better than Ferrari's. Sales dont determine quality.

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Montrealien2970d ago

lookin good, I enjoyed the first 2 and I still want more.

Imperator2970d ago

Just when you think it can't get any better, the PS3 blows us all away again. PS3 FTW!!

Montrealien2970d ago

trust me, being a gamer for well over 25 years let me tell you, It can always get better.

food for thought.

The Wood2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )


The bit about you gaming for well over 25 years is a lie though...its only been 24 years......and 57 days to be exact....Thats why we disagree with ya;)

SixZeroFour2970d ago

wood, how do you know how long monts been gaming for?

Legosz2970d ago

I disagree mont. No other game yet has blown me away as Chrono Trigger has.

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PLAYstar2970d ago

Once again another PS3 exclusive ready to set a new benchmark!!

sikbeta2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Great News, I'll kick Helghasts Heads All the Time I want...

Kill Crow2969d ago

Where've we heard that one before?

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FangBlade2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

SKCShifty, why are you reporting every singel PS3 article as Lame?
This is great news for PS3 owners and it deserves to be on the front page.

xTruthx2970d ago

It doesn't matter is he reports it, no contributor takes him seriously

Pennywise2970d ago

Did anyone really doubt that the KZ2 graphics were in-game? GG never cease to impress.

Shifty reports as lame because he is lame.

Godmars2902970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Sorry, but some people still bring up the E3 target render. Insist that the full game fails to meet the mark.

Why am I getting disagrees?
Seriously, crysis12 brought it up in this thread just the other day:

post #2.3

morganfell2970d ago

They do bring it up and insist and they are wrong.

gaffyh2970d ago

He's a fanboy and reports anything PS3 related, see this is why we need the open zone, and he should be banned from approving and reporting articles for life really. He's been doing it since the new N4G launched.

mrv3212970d ago

He should be banned from life.

graemed20052970d ago

I have reported him daily for the past 2 weeks for this and still nothing gets done

CryofSilence2970d ago

I vote everyone should report him to get his IP address banned.

graemed20052970d ago

yes definitely, thats what i tell everyone to do when disagreeing on his articles

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Godmars2902970d ago

Also suggesting that either there's opportunity for 1) ESA troops to disguise themselves as Helgan, 2) there'll be Helgan single player missions, or 3)the ESA will lose some perspective as the "good guys" as the Helgan gain some humanity. Meaning there could be a "No Russian" scene.

raztad2970d ago

After an important leader downfall, chaos arise and two different fractions appear (=civil war). I would say Sev is taking sides

UnSelf2970d ago

imagine Sev actually sympathizes with the Ghast and officially join their side.

mind blown!!!

OhReginald2970d ago

yes after he just killed 300 helghast and piled up their bodies....


gamerzBEreal172970d ago

lol yea i dont think he joins them i think he goes undercover and thats why he puts the mask on? idk just a thought

OhReginald2970d ago

well of course. I heard killzone 3 is inspired by the movie inglorious which a group of american jews dressed up as nazi soliders and went behind enemy lines for one goal. Kill as many nazi's as they could.

Which works PERFECTLY for a game like killzone lol.

I freaking can't wait!!!

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