Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack Now Available on the Xbox 360

If you enjoyed the Stimulus Package DLC despite of its hefty price, you might as well purchase the new Resurgence Map Pack that is now available on the Xbox 360.

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MattyF2751d ago

Good price for the content.

HQLocated1112751d ago

So thats $90 for this game now right? $60+ $15+ $15= $90 for the 2 map packs.

Good job dumbasses, you guys just proved that activision really could charge more than $60 for MW 2 if they wanted to.

D4RkNIKON2751d ago

Not to mention the game could use more time in the oven because it is full of glitches and hacks. Rushed game production along with gouging at our wallets is a business motto that the gaming industry should not tolerate..

ikkokucrisis2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Just wondering

trancefreak2751d ago

I remember that pc updates would come with free map packs mostly but not always. i remember when battlefield 2142 had expansion you had to pay for and leaving it up to activision im sure they charge pc gamers for their money too

ZombieNinjaPanda2751d ago


Steam is selling them for 15 dollars, so I don't think they're free.

maverick11912751d ago

not for me i only payed £22 on release at my local supermarket but yeh i will gameshare the map pack

SixZeroFour2750d ago

i think around $110 here in vancouver...$69+$19+$19

even worse for the guys that bought prestige :S

FanboysWillHateMe2750d ago

money's worth. Think about it, let's say a 2 hour movie costs 10 bucks right? so 90 dollars would get you 18 hours of movie entertainment. And I know that the majority of MW2 players have logged in a few days on the multiplayer.

We pay 60 dollars for short 10 hour campaigns (like God of War III, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain), so why are we complaining when we pay 60 dollars for more than one hundred hours of multiplayer action?

I don't play MW2 anymore, but I certainly think you get your money's worth out of that title more than most other games out there.

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trancefreak2751d ago

Good price for the content aw that is priceless. I rather put that money towards another game

KillerPwned2751d ago


Where you just messing with are brains or where you serious!?

For your own sake i hope you where joking lmao

AliTheBrit192751d ago

I'm fairly sure (or hoping) that Matty is being sarcastic.

cryymoar2750d ago

that's a terrible price!
No wonder these companies think they are recession proof.

ironwolf7772750d ago

I'm in Vancouver too. The new maps are $3 each. That's like a bus ticket. Not that big of a deal people.

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ShadyDevil2751d ago

Idk, I think its expensive but whatever.

MightyMark4272751d ago

I agree it's expensive. Doubt I'll even buy it heh. For 800 i'm in but for 1200 for just three maps? No thank you IW

Vegetom2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I agree it's expensive. Doubt I'll even buy it heh. For 800 i'm in but for 1200 for just three new and again 2 old maps? No thank you Activision.

PaLaK-2751d ago

A lot of people like milk apparently

World's most expensive milk, and it tastes like water

The rrp was £5 higher, the dlc been higher than usual, because of everybody who paid these extortionate prices now every year there will be a price hike, an activation fee and subscription. Nomore COD online for me very soon.

extermin8or2751d ago

be released for the same amount :@

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