Older PS2 Games May Get an HD Lift

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"Looks like Sony’s considering opening the vault and bringing older PS2 games to HD. This obviously will surprise no one since we’ve already seen some PS1 and PS2 classics resurrected via the PSN store."

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knight6262964d ago

lame...of course sony is going to make more HD ps2 games

jammy_702964d ago

San andreas! Mgs 2+3! Aggressive inline!

ediddy9992964d ago

lame . . . who wants to play old HD upscales? We want new content. And yes I speak for the entire internet.

hamsterfist2964d ago

You sir speak for me. Bubbles up for being a genius.

Pennywise2964d ago

People who didn't own a ps2 or didn't get the game. I enjoyed GOW collection with its updated graphics and trophies.

HolyOrangeCows2964d ago

Exactly. I never played the original GOW games until the collection.

Plus, it's nice to have it in HD, have some trophies to go after, and all on a scratch resistant disc.

AssassinHD2964d ago

I am perfectly fine with getting HD remakes. There are a lot of quality PS2 titles that I never played during the PS2 era, and I would welcome the chance to play them now with updated visuals. There are also several games such as ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Dragon Quest 8, Okami, Kingdom Hearts, etc. that I did play and would happily buy again with updated visuals. I beat both God of War and God of War 2 on my PS2 and still enjoyed playing the God of War Collection.

GWAVE2964d ago

You say you want new content.

Yet the entire internet still bought Modern Warfare 2...

ediddy9992964d ago

Speaking for the entire internet, yes the billions of people that is made up of, never played MW2. Only a few million which is like a rain drop to the sea that is the internet. The internet has spoken and I'm out.

Roper3162964d ago

you certainly don't speak for me! I would love a TM Black HD remake ( I still play a few hours a week on my B/C PS3 ), or any of the PS1 or PS2 MGS games would be welcomed as well. Does every game need a hd remake absolutely not but a few certainly do.

So please don't feel that you are speaking for everyone because you aren't!

sikbeta2964d ago

HD Remastered Games FTW!!!

yewles12964d ago

Oh yes, because the entire planet is comprised of 200 Million people, all of which currently own a PS2...

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2964d ago

Actually I do, and im looking forward to it. I'll confess I skipped out on GOW 1+2 years back, and thanks to Sony re-mastering the titles. I could complement GOW collection with a HD flat. There's many more titles I missed but that's cause the ps1/ps2 game library is deep.

Jon_Mclane2964d ago

Bravo Sir on saying what must be said. The president of the internet has spoken.

paradigmfellow2964d ago

I do actually, and if it is Final Fantasy I can add it to my other final fantasy collection.

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bsmith32582964d ago

I love this type of thing it should really be approved.

Dont Panic2964d ago

Ratchet & Clank and Prince of Persia collection please!

OhReginald2964d ago

I would really like it if sony re-masters the champions of norrath and champions: return to arms games in HD. I mean they don't have to since the games look amazing now....but in HD it would look better.

ZombieAutopsy2964d ago

You sir are not alone, myself and many i know would kill for them to be remade.

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The story is too old to be commented.