Top Ten In-Game Jobs

NowGamer: We count down our top ten daftest gaming pastimes based on real-life jobs...

10. Fable 2
Pouring Pints
Ahhh, Olde English Pubs; rapp of a pint glass upon the oaken bar, the friendly chit-chat of the jolly, fatted landlord and his plump busty wife, the stench of piss vaguely masked by the chemical equivalent of a pine forest in the gents, the fee paid to the ferryman to bear you across the lake of piss to the one available cubicle because half of Dorset waits ‘til they get to the pub to pinch off their daily loaf. Yes, pubs are great. Pouring pints in Fable II isn’t, though. Along with all the other jobs in the game, it’s repetitive and insipidly dull...

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