Natal's internal motor almost a certainty

Gamesradar writes:

You may remember a few weeks ago some leaked photos of a pre-production Project Natal unit appeared on the net, along with its instruction leaflet. We were surprised to see reference to an internal motor which could be damaged if you manually titled the unit.

Of course, you can't trust every leak like this. However, a new photo from Engadget of what appears to be a retail-ready Natal unit being officially demoed at the D8 Conference backs up our suspicions. Not only does it have its own power supply, but careful inspection of the photo reveals writing on the front of the machine. Is it the device's real name? No. It simply reads 'No manual tilt':

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ShinMaster3001d ago ShowReplies(4)
Wrathman3001d ago

jonny 5 is alive..murders MOVE and wii.

o man this gonna sell like guns in america

SOAD3001d ago

We're going to need a permit to buy it?

Darkfocus3001d ago

ya I was sooo worried before I plugged it in. it's been working fine for 2 years solid with lots of use though so I guess nothing broke(other than the plastic casing)

Krugsy3001d ago

Love the Johnny 5 reference :P

Bigpappy3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

If this thing come in my room and says "time to play", I am out the window, never to return. House for sale! Name your price.

air13001d ago

hmm.. intersting...

waiting for the but the eye toy does it too comments.


but the eye toy does it too!

evilmonkey5013001d ago

Does what? "Say dont move me" on the front? (goes, checks).
Nope. Mine can be tilted.

air13000d ago



i dont know what it does but since you lack imagination let me help yu out a bit...

what if it tilts on its own to say, focus on the lower part of your body for what ever reason. or just the face, or it tilts to make the screen tilt for what ever reason.. did any of that kick start your small mind?

"goes,checks" you must be one of the few hundred poor bastards that got stuck with that junk..

evilmonkey5013000d ago

post a dick comment, get a dick response, dick.

HurstDarkStar3001d ago

it worked for the ipods i dont see how it can be bad for natal

Godmars2903001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

But a full-on tilt motor? That's not suppose to be moved but will be in contact with kids 10 and under?

This is going to be fun...

Nevermind if there are honest issues with how its put together by some poor bastard on a 30 shift.

nnotdead3001d ago

agree with the kid comment. kids are destructive little bastards.

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The story is too old to be commented.