Killzone 3 - Concept Art

Eurogamer Portugal published two concept art images from Killzone 3.

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TotalPS3Fanboy2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

SKCShity doing everything in his power to try to not get this approved. As if that's going to stop the whole world from seeing these concept arts. These daily futile attempts always eneded in failure. The world can not be censored.

Anyway, what are those flying things in the first picture. Doesn't look like jetpack.

D4RkNIKON2729d ago

He is such a sad sad "gamer" if you could even call him that..

ZombieNinjaPanda2729d ago


Gamer? What gamer tries to stop news about a new game appearing on the site?

On Topic:

The water, I have to see it in motion, these still images are not doing it for me. The snow on the other hand

Sir_Falcon2729d ago

Its a bit choppy. the water that is. I actually replied to yoshiro unike others

SixZeroFour2729d ago

on the second batch, the water in the 3rd screen looks pretty bad (most likely cause it would look better in motion) because it pretty much looks like terrain..but from an aerial view like the 5th one, it looks very realistic

Nambassa2729d ago

They look awesome, hope they translate into the game well. They should do though :)

AliTheBrit192729d ago

When I see this image, I can't help but thing of Screaming Mantis from MGS4

Sir_Falcon2729d ago

100% agree i thought it was her for a split second

OmarJA-N4G2729d ago

Give it up SKCShifty seriously stop embarrassing yourself.

You have been killzowned!

trancefreak2729d ago

What the heck are those creatures in the sky in the wave breaking scene. going to be an intersting story this time around.

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