GameZone: ARMA II Operation Arrowhead Preview

GameZone's Steven Hopper writes,

"Aside from the expansion’s meaty campaign (which won’t be quite as long as the original Arma II’s but pretty long nonetheless), there are ample ways to keep you playing. The game boasts some solid multiplayer elements letting you get into firefights with up to 50 different players on the map, as well as a robust map editor, which allows putting all manner of custom weapons and environmental effects in your sprawling homemade maps."

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H1ppyDave2964d ago

Oh, wow, I´ll have to dig out my copy of ARMA2 for this. Map editing FTW!

athmaus2964d ago

Interesting article...thx for the info

Caspel2964d ago

Any idea on a release date? I hope they don't send it to die next to COD.

mistermostyn2964d ago

Is this series any good? Never really been tempted.

Azule612964d ago

Never heard of this title, but map editing sounds awesome!!!

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