Ubisoft’s new project : Unraveling the shadows

Gamersmint : Today, a mysterious image popped up on a brand new site While people are busy discussing what this might really be? Gamersmint does a case study of the image and tries to figure out what it might turn out to be.

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DevilsOwn3030d ago

In depth analysis. My bets is on a new Assasins Creed Game.

NeutralGamer3028d ago

Was I the only one to notice Abstergos logo in the picture?

I know I drawed it wrong, but is it not the logo? Looks like it to me :s

cyborg3030d ago

That seems likely, although with Brotherhood set to release soon and already in development, it makes it improbable. I think a graphic novel based on the AC universe is another likely option.

Drjft3028d ago

I don't know if they renamed the file, but I am sure a multi million dollar company would title an image; "Assassin-By-Gabz".

I call fake at the moment. Prove to me Ubisoft purchased the domain.

Drjft3028d ago

Also, my highest bet is that it's the cover of an upcoming Assassins Creed comic series.

Drjft3028d ago

Just had it confirmed to me that the people working on this project are Comic Book artists. So it's a comic series. Enjoy.

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