Going solo in MMOs

GameZone's Michael Lafferty writes,

"The conundrum of MMO’s – why are they ‘massively multiplayer’ when many players seem to prefer the solo effort?"

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H1ppyDave2996d ago

I agree with the writer - too often MMO´s make it too easy for solo questing, thereby losing the need for grouping up. However, as LOTRO showed me, sometimes finding a group just to get away from grind quests is really tough - where is the middle ground?

chak_2996d ago

yeah lotro was tough, when you get 30+ you needed a group, no other options.

It was great when you had time AND a group of good people, otherwise it was impossible to do something.

In a game you need to have the option to play solo, because when you have a 15/20 minute frame time you generally don't group. Lotro addded a lot of quest for singleplay later, which makes it really easier

stewie328872996d ago

Perhaps it's just because some people enjoy the game but really do value a solo experience over that of a multiplayer one, even if the game is supposed to be built as an MMO.

athmaus2996d ago

haha isnt that the truth! I tend to go solo myself unless my close friends are online

Caspel2996d ago

I liked being the gun for hire in City of Heroes

mistermostyn2996d ago

I'd certainly play MMOs more if they were more geared to single player.

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The story is too old to be commented.