TGH Debate Week:Are Games Art, Or Empty Entertainment

TGH Writes:

"Film critic Roger Ebert caused a little bit of controversy recently because of his perpetual inability to quieten his opinions on the topic of games. He basically believes that the word ‘videogame’ and the word ‘art’ should only go together in the sentence “Videogames are not and will never be art, you dumb kids!” This comes from a man who has not played the games he criticises, but has seen someone playing through them on YouTube. Which is an act that in my book is beyond abhorrence, particularly from such a respected critic, writer and general nice chap. When I read his article and about his playing through an intermediary, my face contorted like I’d just seen Samara from The Ring crawling at me from my monitor. "

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MightyMark4272970d ago

Games are both art and entertainment in my opinion