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That Gaming Site writes: "Indie developers developed new-found love with Apple with the release of the iPhone and iPod Touch thanks to the App Store. With few barriers between the developer and the growing popularity of the iPhone, the possibilities have been nearly endless for small teams or solo developers to get their games to the masses. And the iPad, whether you deem it innovative or just 'an oversized and overpriced iPhone', is all set to take that to the next level."

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GWAVE2884d ago

Y'know, I have no doubt that the iPad will do well, but many people claimed that the iPhone/iTouch would revolutionize gaming, and it hasn't. In fact, the number of developers of the iPhone/iTouch is on the decline.

So, will the iPad have a bunch of developers for a while? Sure, but until it is marketed and developed as a gaming platform, it will not make a major impact.

Elven62884d ago

It might not have revolutionized gaming but it has made it somewhat more popular amongst certain crowds. Developers have also found a new avenue of revenue which, as long as they make quality games for is ok by me.

pangitkqb2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

The mobile gaming market is growing in leaps and bounds. This growth is fueled, in particular at this point, by Apples iPad and, even more so, iPhone. In fact, as of this posting 58% of all apps in the apple store are games and there are more apps in the apple store for iPhone than every other mobile device combined. The iPhone is handily outselling any other mobile gaming device.

With easy, quick digital distribution that makes the DS and PSP's digital distribution channels look antique, you don't think the iPhone has permanently changed the market? Plus its a phone, camera, and internet surfing device. What more of a revolution over traditional cartridge mobile devices (again DS, PSP, etc...) does it take?

Moving on, look as well at the millions of DS and PSP units sold respectively by Nintendo & Sony. Not only is the market growing into the mobile phone world, it's old and stable. Think back to the original gameboy two decades ago.

With new ways to distribute - wirelessly - and new platforms on which to play (iPhones, iPad, Droid, countless others) mobile gaming is a growing and powerful part of the video game industry forever changed by the rise of wireless connectivity.

If Apple plays its cards right it will own a healthy part of that market and that is EXACTLY what it is vying for.