Top 5 GBA RPGs You Might Have Missed

Samuel Evans writes: "No matter how hard a game is pushed by fans, it will keep it's cult status unless the media glorifies it or if Nintendo puts the characters from the game into a Smash Brothers title. Not many people knew of Earthbound or Fire Emblem before Ness and Marth joined the Smash Brothers ranks, the same goes for these games."

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vgchica2966d ago

ha! I don't think Medabots qualifies as a title I'd say I missed. Play it and it was rubbish.

vgn242966d ago

Megaman Battle Network 2 counts and somehow gets overlooked?

GunShotEddy2966d ago

There's no way you played either and think they're bad.

BattersUp2966d ago

There's not one Final Fantasy or Square Enix game on the list! WTF?

vgchica2966d ago

It's RPGs you might have missed, not major franchises that had huge advertisement budgets.

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