Rewatching Films, TV Reruns and Playing Old Videogames - Why Do We Do It?

Dick Ward writes: "No, this isn’t an explanation for our weird habits. That’s something better left to sociology majors. I’m not even trying to comment on human behavior. There are swan-wearing Icelandic singers that do that far better than I could. I just want to talk about content consumption, why it is that we can watch the same thing over and over again – and why that, in some cases, we prefer it."

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Kingdom Come2995d ago

We want to relive the experience because we enjoyed it.

Slient Knight 92995d ago

so true, i loved shaun of the dead every bit especially the pub scence.

BigKev452995d ago

Shaun of the dead sucked.

RedPawn2995d ago

Because some shit nowadays can't cut it.