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jjesso19933034d ago

I want some DLC episodes this my far one of the best games I have played in recent years.

Leathersoup3034d ago

I say that to myself pretty much every time I play RDR.

nycredude3034d ago

They better fix the Mo Van Barr glitch!!!

Almost 18 hours in and I still haven't been able to get my preorder bonus (deadly assassin outfit) cause the freaking Mo Van Barr bounty isn't showing up in Armadillo!! WTF!

ikkokucrisis3034d ago

that's because in like one of the 1st missions (w/the sheriff raiding that mini gang hideout) you need to kill that main bad guy (the dude with the top hat), instead of letting him live like the sheriff requests you to do.

My friend had to restart his game in order to find that one out

SiLeNt KNighT3034d ago

Same problem here. I read about the 'fix' but I dont want to start my game over. I hope there's a real fix for this. My game shuts off and brings me to xmb if I set any waypiints to do with unlocking the deadly assasin outfit. Kinda irritating since I had to start GTA4 over due to trophy additions 3 months after the game was released. I love this game but the online need some serious work. Not just fixes, we need additions to it to make it more entertaining. I told myself I wouldn't but the new cod map pack is looking a little more interesting because of the lack of MP content. Single player is top notch other than the deadly assasin outfit tho

Elimin83034d ago

Anyway if you do all bounty mission you are bound to get him.. I couldn't get the outfit because I didn't pre order....

divideby03034d ago

no connection problems with the PS3 version I bought.. so many other glitches will never be fixed..

Lirky3034d ago

Good im glad theres fixes for connectivity like i couldnt play alot with friends and some friends were blacklisted on the in game list on their drop down menu to see whos in the game.

SPARTANVI3034d ago

Whole lot of belly aching over the exclusion of mini-games in free roam. It would add a lot to replayability if my posse could be shooting up a gang hideout one minute, then be playing Liar's Dice/Hold em/Blackjack the next.