Do We Become Helghast In Killzone 3?

CC: "But get this - at the end of the trailer, after disarming a Helghan and beating him senseless for a bit, our hero Sev puts on the Helghan mask. Now that's new. Obviously, that might just be a symbol for the pain Sev feels, or the fact he's really, really angry, or something else we're not 'chic' enough to get, but we take things very literally here."

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mjolliffe2964d ago

Man Guerrilla COULD just shock us with the story here!

Hideo_Kojima2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

GG said the story will be like the movie Inglorious Bastards.

I watched the movie and what happens is a bunch of Americans disguise as Germans and go around killing Nazis.

So in Killzone 3 you will disguise yourself as a Helghan and go around Killing Helghast one team at the time.

PS - Inglorious Bastards is brutal.

voice_of_ reason2964d ago

I think the Inglorious Bastards reference is more about how big a role culture and language play in the war. The devs already stated they want to explore those sides of the Helghast this time... my guess: You play a few missions undercover, then find some of the humane side of the Helghast (which the devs said will be shown in KZ3). Either way, it is exciting, and I think the story will be much better--and well written too.

Perjoss2964d ago

that's like what happens in the Gears 2 DLC, they dress up like Locust and pretend to be one of them.

solidt122964d ago

I hope this is part of the game. That sounds cool. I want to infiltrate the Helghast then kill them.

Imperator2964d ago

Or it could be two campaigns. One from the point of view of the ISA and one from the Helghast.

peeps2964d ago

was just thinking that. Could be a really good idea. the only problem with 2 campaigns is it sometimes means they're both quite short and not as good as a single campaign. Diff situation i know, but take AVP, 3 short campaigns and from what i hear not all that great

Hideo_Kojima2964d ago

no that would be good but it won't happen.

Downtown boogey2964d ago

This has been speculated since KZ2 was announced... It wouldn't work, though, if you want a proper, dramatic SP campaign.

Hyrius2964d ago

Best fps ever confirmed.

AutoCad2964d ago

Still not better than Golden Eye Buddy..
But i agree, looks pretty good.

SullyDrake2964d ago

But FPS's didn't really come into full fruition before last generation anyways.

Killzone 2 is my favorite FPS of this gen, closely followed by Resistance 2 and COD4. Hopefully Killzone 3 will take everything about Killzone 2 and inject it with crack.

thebudgetgamer2964d ago

but its gameplay does not hold up at all.

right now doom plays better.

nycredude2964d ago


Go play Golden Eye and Doom (trailblazers) and get the biggest laugh of your life. They were good in their time, and we have to give those games credit for showing the way but they suck serious ass compared to games these days.

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