Are Sony & Devs Holding Back PSN?

TheSixthAxis looks at all the issues with the PSN, and how to fix them.

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ActionBastard2994d ago

"The PlayStation Network needs more consistency, better integration and a standard model for handling game-invites and joining your friends through the XMB."

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zootang2994d ago

Sony leaves it up to the dev so they can do something special/personal with the multiplayer, not get stuck by the constraints of a standard model.

IdleLeeSiuLung2994d ago

Well, we already see what happens when you let the cat loose.

Forcing the developer to use the tools available first and foremost is the way to go and is what keeps everything consistent to at least a minimum quality. Anything else you ask Sony for permission is probably the best way to go...

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MorganX2994d ago

Agree 100% High Stakes Poker is prime example. No way to invite friends to your table. Really takes away from the experience. Of course, it also uses the horrendous gamespy net.

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Ikram2994d ago

"TheSixthAxis looks at"

Yeah right "This is an unedited guest article written by reader Kevin Middelbos. His views may not represent those of TheSixthAxis."

Good way to get traffic, then just make it seem to everyone that you guys actually wrote it.

You guys do some nice original content, but other sites don't go and do this kind of stuff.

Caemgen2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

... I wrote the article and send it to them myself. They posted this with my permission.

nikkisixx22994d ago

I have no problem where PSN is right now...

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mookins2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Yet another troll account on a PS3 article. What's the matter milksoles, no games to play?

BeaArthur2994d ago

I have been saying that Home should replace the XMB forever. I like the PSN, it works for what I need it to do, but Live does have a lot of features that help foster a better feeling of community. Case and point, I always make sure I'm signed into Xbox Live before I do anything with my 360 and I only sign into the PSN when I am actually going to play online.

Smokzdaizm2994d ago

"Case and point, I always make sure I'm signed into Xbox Live before I do anything with my 360 and I only sign into the PSN when I am actually going to play online"... I do the exact some thing, I always make sure my 360 is connected (I like a direct connection to the modem) to XBL before I even turn my 360 on. With PSN I rarely connect it to the net, unless I playing a multiplayer game, which unfortunately I rarely do on my PS3 or when there is an update. As I said before I don't think PSN is bad, but it just doesn't fill my needs when it comes to online gaming free or not, if I'm not using it the price or lack thereof doesn't make a difference to me.

divideby02994d ago

I play games online for free..dont care about features....
I have used party chat on live, for BC2, since the game is gimped with no intersquad chat and small squads

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