Killzone 3 trailer: HD stills and analysis

It all kicks of with a human and orange-eyed Helghast, erm, walloping the crap out of each other.

The camera swoops in to reveal the eerily-glowing sunburst goggles of a Helghast - gun in hand - panning out to reveal our (ginger, bearded) hero kicking his foe in the face. A shower of spark-like debris whooshes of his masked visage on impact.

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morganfell3031d ago

Prepare for the flood. This is only the first sign of the E3 storm. I have little doubt we will see a live stage demo at E3.

Hideo_Kojima3031d ago


This guys work fast lol

talltony3031d ago

keep em coming, just shows how scared some of you people are of this game.

morganfell3031d ago

Exactly Tony. That Killzone 3 video thread is hilarious. I was refreshing the page and laughing at the rampant disagrees from some really angry, tormented, and terrified people.

Rumor3031d ago

in the 3rd installment of things, the protagonists always grow facial hair ie Sev in KZ3, Dom in GeoW3. next will probobly be Nathan Drake.

i like the war torn look on sev tho...he looks HARD (no homo)

SOAD3031d ago

"I was refreshing the page and laughing at the rampant disagrees from some really angry, tormented, and terrified people."

Am I missing something? Killzone 3 is just a game, isn't it? Why are people dwelling on one game. Every game that has ever come out has been surpassed not long after. What's all the hubbub over one game? I'd be more pissed off if we had one game being the pinnacle of graphics for more than 4 months.

kunit22c3031d ago

Could the big pile of helghast enemies imply a mode of survive the waves of enemies??? that would be sweet!!

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deadreckoning6663031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Are these in-game?

@A7mad- Hey relax buddy, I'm sure it was just a joke to get ya riled up. Lools like he succeeded lol. Calling someone a b!tch over the Internet isn't a good look btw.

@talltony- Why would a human being be scared of a disc-based videogame? Word of advice, try not to say those things in public...might make people think your crazy, just sayin'

TheHater3031d ago

These are from the teaser on the official Killzone 3 website

commodore643031d ago Show
Kleptic3031d ago

its pre-rendered to some degree...but appears to use the in game animation system, as you can see after multiple hits that the helghast reacts just as they do in game...and the character models and lighting appear to be very close to killzone's in game visuals...

the only obvious pre-rendered stuff is the flames and sev's face at the end...on the official forum many are hinting that its in game assets used for the characters in the melee...and sort of super imposed over a pre-rendered background, with added in flare effects and stuff...

no idea...but its definitely not all in game assets...

anh_duong3031d ago


i been in N4G for a while i noticed your bitterness get worst and worst.. don't let bitterness kill you inside.. even if sony ceased to be a company tomorrow your life wouldn't get any better..

enjoy the games.. enjoy the competition.. without the competition between sony, mintendo and microsoft we all be paying 20 bucks a month just to be able to play computer games...

and god forbid what games prices would be if one manufacturer dominated the gaming scene..

i know you aren't just the only troll here (there are as many ps3fanboys and xbox fanboys - you are all the same) but since i generally only read ps3 news i find you in every fricking ps3 news topic.. hating..

stop the hate.. the worst thing that could happen to a gamer is if nintendo/sony or microsoft left the gaming scene..

no one owns you life... you don't have to fight their cause..

lh_swe3031d ago

It's a teaser and you are just a troll :)

If people get hyped about this game will it hurt you? It will won't it because you're just a fanboy like the rest.

TotalPS3Fanboy3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )


Killzone 3's graphics is so amazing that commodore64 can not even tell the difference between gameplay and CGI anymore. That, in itself, is one of the greatest and proudest moment for GG.

P.S. What we saw last week from the interview is gameplay. This here is a CGI teaser using in-game assets. But since you can't tell the difference anymore, it proves that Killzone 3's in-game graphics is really as awesome as this CGI teaser. You can even say it's a reminder that graphics like this can never be done on any other console.

nycredude3031d ago

It's using in game animations rendered in CG.

DigitalAnalog3031d ago

That trailer though it may be CG - TOOK something out of the gameplay element and not a CG built straight from a PC. But then, I won't be surprised to see the final product looking to be that good in the end.

-End statement

talltony3031d ago

The fanboys are scared of this game because it is their worst nightmare hence the many disagrees for simply stating it's "cool". I just can't wait to play this.

n4gno3031d ago

"commodore 64" (troll/fanboy in denial) is a shame for his name. :)

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Imperator3031d ago

PS3, it only does everything. Killzone 3 FTW.

M-Easy3031d ago

I need to change my shorts

PshycoNinja3031d ago

Oh my God of War. Killzone 3 is going to be epic. Killone 2 is my favorite shooter ever and I can not wait to see how they up the antie in KZ3.

ape0073031d ago

will be simply amazing, kz3 looks to have the X factor that was missing from kz2

it looks bold, cool and intense

MNicholas3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

in a shooter?

If so it would be interesting to see how they mix it into the gameplay. MGS4 basically made a level out of it. Fast forward to 2:36

boodybandit3031d ago

E3 is almost here and things are heating up fast!
This is going to be an insane sequel.

Miraak82 3031d ago

Uncharted - The Indiana Jones of gaming

Gow 3 - The Kill Bill Of gaming

Now Killzone 3 - The Inglorious Bastards of Gaming

theirs games just keep getting more bloody and awesome

Oh Sony how I love you

The Lazy One3031d ago

How is Gow3 like kill bill? Because people get killed with melee weapons in both?

Biggest3031d ago

Have you watched the Kill Bills? I'd hate to spoil the plots that are centered on violent revenge.

Miraak82 3031d ago

biggest took the words out of my mouth

Bathyj3031d ago

Yeah, remember when Kratos got shot at his wedding rehersal only to come out of a coma and find the orderlies had been raping him and he thought his baby was dead?

Only kidding guys, I knew what you meant. The idea just sounded funny to me.

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Raf1k13031d ago

This isn't an analysis. It's a commentary. I was expecting an in-depth analysis.

valanceer3031d ago

Omg.... Looks great already.... I can't wait!!!!!!

sikbeta3031d ago


No need Analysis for This Game...

36T3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

It looks great!

The Lazy One3031d ago

So out of curiosity, where are all these 360 fanboys that storm PS3 threads that I keep hearing about?

the-show-stopper3031d ago

they were struck silent from the awesomeness

jerethdagryphon3030d ago

thats in game assets and whats dones in a outsourced render engine is likly the following

the original high def high poly models from which normal maps are made
for the ingame ones

so models: not ingame

higher res textures do too no limits based off on ingame asset textures

so textures not ingame

animation: the animation system and rigging is all in game
then exported ot the external renderer.
animation: IN game

everything else outsourced

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Akagi3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )


AutoCad3031d ago

Analysis for a teaser trailer..?

BeaArthur3031d ago

That's what happens with popular games. You'll probably see this same article from 10 sites.

Dance3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

all aboard the hype train

Biggest3031d ago

First stop. . . Alan Wake!

I did that just for you, Dance. I gotta rep for my 360 fanboys.

peeps3031d ago

Yeh, this isn't the first time a teaser trailer's been analysed lol I mean the whole point is to 'tease' and to hint at things within the game. I mean just look at the amount of pop blocks GT have done for trailers/teasers.

ivant3031d ago

yeah. look out for a numb nut journalist believe a "teaser trailer" is real gameplay like the kz2 e32005 teaser trailer was confused with Resistance gameplay.

yeah, very lame to analyze the teaser unless GG really does implement hand-to-hand combat.

peeps3031d ago

"GG really does implement hand-to-hand combat."

well in any interviews so far they've stated it has a deep and 'brutal' melee system in place

Abash3031d ago

I wasn't that excited for Killzone 3, or Crysis 2 and Halo: Reach for that matter either because I have been kind of FPSed-out lately.

But that Killzone 3 teaser has made it a must buy for me now

SuperStrokey11233031d ago

Personally im pumped for KZ3 as i loved the second one.

Crysis 2, im taking more of a cautious position on that one. It looks good and everything from what we seen so far but I never played the first and have yet to see any true gameplay on this game (it may exist, im just saying i have not seen it) other than the "tech" demos shown a year ago.

As for Halo reach, im not excited for it at all. Talked to a few guys in the beta and they were like "Yeah, its great its just like Halo3 with more classes!" and were all excited. I just asked them, "if its just like Halo 3 why would you need it at all then?" They couldnt give me an answer. That being said i havnt played it so what do i know.

lovecipher73031d ago

Halo reach is nothing like Halo 3 the way you play the game itself is diffent. The controls are tight and very responsive. The new features work for the game. As for this game I hope they work on more things than the graphics cause the controls for KZ3 sucked. I don't know if it's the PS3 controller but the controls do not feel right compared to first person shooters on the 360.

CaliGamer3031d ago

"I don't know if it's the PS3 controller but the controls do not feel right compared to first person shooters on the 360."

Read what you wrote and think for a minute about what you said. It is logical that KZ wouldn't play like a shooter on the 360 because a) it's on the PS3, b)it's not HALO, and c) they were and probably are going for a different feel.

You like the 360, cool. But to say that all games should play the same is simply ridiculous man.

Inside_out3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Have Sony and Guerrilla not learned nothing...Mind you, listening to the fan boys here no wonder they think they can pull a fast one again...

KZ3 uses the EXACT same graphics engine and graphics as KZ2...Guerrilla has already stated that...ALSO...because of the whole 3D thing...the graphics will actually be downgraded...yep...maybe that's why they're showing pre-rendered clips instead of actual game play...

Kotaku had a go at the KZ3 demo...they said it obviously was to early to judge...but it needs a little bit of work...3d made them dizzy after a couple of mins...your gonna here alot about that...

Do your self a favor and don't compare this to Halo Reach...Reach is REAL...will be here to play in 14 weeks...all in game...KZ is a whole entire YEAR this the only game Sony has???

BTW...that trailer is a complete rip off of Gears of War...KZ is FPS, the trailer is ALL TPS...You can't pull off Sam Fisher moves in have to at least pull the camera out to the TPS angle to show what is in Halo Reach....GEEEZZ...the whole trailer is a kids are funny...

alphakennybody3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

"Next up, both are standing tête a tête, with human (Rico?)..."

Its clearly Sev, Have you played the game properly?

TheHater3031d ago

How these people in the media don't even play most of these games or know nothing about the franchise/series

bjornbear3031d ago

duh..main character = your character =P

CoxMulder3031d ago

CVG is one of the worst gaming-sites posted on N4G, and just look at that comment section.

You think N4G is infested with fanboys, this site will really open your eyes..