No Thief 4 Appearance At E3, Eidos Montreal Fully Dedicated To Deus Ex

Eidos Montreal has told Connected Consoles that the studio is fully dedicated to upcoming title Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and that Thief 4 will not be making an appearance at the E3 conference.

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GWAVE3030d ago

I could be wrong, but hasn't most of the staff from Looking Glass left Eidos?

Nike3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Hard to tell. The guys from Looking Glass went to Ion Storm for Thief 3 and then Thief 4 is being developed by Eidos Montreal...hard to keep track of where the Looking Glass guys could be these days. -__-

Still, it's good to know they haven't been forgotten. :D

Valay3030d ago

I can wait a little while longer.

mjolliffe3030d ago

We'll probably just see the first footage later this year I expect. But I'm certainly looking forward to Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

ian723030d ago

I'm looking forward to Deus Ex also. The first one was an amazing game, if its half as good I'll be happy.

Nicaragua3030d ago

Second one was absolute poo though so im hoping that they use the first as the blueprint for the new one.

RedSky3029d ago

Second one wasn't terrible by any means, just they somehow managed to change almost everything for the worse (universal ammo, simplified augmentations, stupidly small environments ...) relative to the original. Was still one of the best games of 2003.

Nike3030d ago

E3 related rumours sure are being shot down very quickly these days. I remember GamesThirst put up a rumour saying Natal would be released this month and 2 minutes later, it was proven false by Microsoft. But even if Thief 4 coming to PS3 exclusively was less of a stretch, this clarification just goes to show we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions till the big show.

Nicaragua3030d ago

Having Thief 4 as a ps3 exclusive would never have happened – it just dosnt make any sense. Although the game is brilliant, its not insanely popular or even well known as a franchise to the average console gamer.

chak_3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

ah they finally realized what a typo error THI4F was?

thiaf ftw !

Spitonyourgrave3030d ago

ahh crap, now there's nothing to look forward to for me

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