New Metroid: Other M screenshots

Brand new gameplay screenshots of Metroid: Other M have been released.

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Valay2913d ago

Looks very good as usual. Almost wish this wasn't delayed since I really want to play it.

Ziriux2913d ago

Oh there is plenty other games on other systems.

mjolliffe2913d ago

Sure there is, but when you've been waiting a while for this, you just want to get your hands on it :)

mjolliffe2913d ago

Brilliant! Can't wait for it to release :)

Valay2913d ago

Coming out at the end of August in North America now.

Ziriux2913d ago

Oh August is not too bad, thought it was till next year.

Ziriux2913d ago

Mmmm, I like I like, still not better than SHadow Run.

Valay2913d ago

Are you talking about that game from 2007?

NewNameNow2913d ago

You mean Shadow Complex >_>

gameseveryday2913d ago

Metroid: Other M is amazing!

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