Top 4 Things that Killzone 3 Needs Work On

Gameguru writes "hen Killzone 2 finally came out, Sony PS3 owners rejoiced about a game that took entertainment and interactivity to dizzying new levels. Most reviewers praised the game for its combat sequences and set pieces and few who did go against the norm ended up earning the wrath of the fanboy community at large.

Here are 4 things that Guerrilla games might look into while developing Killzone 3"

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Niles2964d ago

Killzone is going to be awesomeee

281219862964d ago

can someone confirm whether it was real time or not...

100002964d ago

but I doubt whether it was real time...since that's a whole lotta stuff in gameplay to pull somthing like that off...Its like the bullet trailer they released for Killzone 2

281219862964d ago

and I guess you are right...This is like the bullet trailer...

Niles2964d ago

But we did see a bit of those animations in the video that was leaked a few days ago...CQC is suddenly the in thing...I must say..

ArchangelMike2964d ago

I think GGcould have dont ore with the squad based nature of teh game, both in SP and MP. In SP, the enemy Helghast don't seem to fight in squads, it more everyman for himself (or the emperor as was the case)The ISA fought in squads though, but again this was mainly 'on rails', and you could not call for a medic for example, or call for an engineer to set up a turret. Although the multiplayer had these elements, there were no bonuses for working and sticking with your squad (apart from spawning on your squad leader's location. I think GG could go alot further and implement more squad based mechanics in the game.