NXT Gamer: Snoopy Flying Ace Review

NXT Gamer's KieranD talks about Snoopy's latest adventure in Snoopy Flying Ace!

"As soon as the first online dogfight loads up and the chaotic scene of an online community just days old hits you, the 800 Microsoft Point investment will have been fully justified. For an Xbox Live Arcade title priced at the lower end of the spectrum, the graphics and sound will immediately grab the player’s interest and never let go. Smart Bomb Interactive have had something of an uninteresting past, consisting entirely of spin-off’s and licenses, so it’s a surprise to see the polish applied to their latest effort. Past the graphics lie an already-bustling online community and a variety of objective-based modes, leaving only one more piece for SBI to get right for this to be a game worth noticing; the actual gameplay."

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KieranD2997d ago

The whole 'Red Baron' thing was the weird bit of this game for me. I know there's a whole thing of it in Peanuts, but was a bit odd to have these cute cartoon characters telling me to kill ze Germans.

OGharryjoysticks2997d ago

And South Park is a good game too.

DelbertGrady2996d ago

I've read two other reviews of it that gave it 8.9/10 and 4/5. Never reached the first page though.

Drjft2996d ago

Because they get all their writers to approve the articles in a short space of time which results in the system thinking the article is something amazing.

tplarkin72996d ago

I think it will be the next UNO for XBLA.

NYPunk882996d ago

Xbox only. :( Let me know when it has online multiplayer and comes out for PS3. *inhales air...holds breath*

dazreah2996d ago

It does have online multiplayer!

NYPunk882996d ago

in the link it says it only has local multiplayer.

KieranD2995d ago

The link said it had online multiplayer several times!

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