MAG Heavily Discounted

"Patience pays off, as Amazon has a pretty sweet deal on the PS3 exclusive MAG.

Grab MAG (PS3) for $34.99 (save $25) plus get a free $10 Amazon video game credit!

In addition, they are throwing in a free $5 MP3 credit as well!"

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Pennywise2996d ago

This game is about to get some major updates with content to follow. If you love FPS games and like tactical gameplay you should really consider picking this up. MAG for $20.00 is a ridiculous value.

ThanatosDMC2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )


If you do, join SVER. Add me ThanatosDMC.

Join my stupid clan of a-holes called [AMF] and hopefully you can kill 20-25 people at least per match. Mandatory to have a med kit at lv2 and resuscitate ability at lv4. It's a very independent clan but we all work together when we have to. Being too close to each other is terrible since we'll either die together or i'll be hogging all the kills and heals. I really do.

^ Penny is in Valor... and Valor sucks! We used to be clan mates... lol.

Pennywise2995d ago

I have 10 more grueling levels until I am back to SVER.

I love all the haters disagreeing about MAG. How about you try it before you knock it. Best competitive FPS out. And people can talk about graphics all day. It looks just as good as BFBC2.

ThanatosDMC2995d ago

I wrote that on the last MAG article and i got a ton of disagrees. I'll be on tonight unless i go to the beach.

jjohan352995d ago

I'm a bit surprised that this made the news. My local best buy had a sale for MAG in April for $30. Great price if you ask me.

Abash2996d ago

The game is great, people should really pick up a copy now with this deal.

Btw can't wait to see the new DLC for MAG they'll be showing off soon

wiggles2996d ago

I tried the beta when it came out and it was fun when you got a good team of people who wanted the objective. But then for whatever reason I couldn't get online in college so I clearly didn't buy it...

So what do you guys think? Is there enough serious people still playing it to make it worth it?

PS360_372995d ago

Even though it was a good game, I think BFBC2 really overshadowed it.

besides MAG allowing 100+ players, they seem to be similar games.

Trroy2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

They are completely different beasts. Not even worthy of comparison. BF:BC2 is like a hybrid between MW2 and MAG, in some respects, but... its alot closer to MW2, to be honest. MAG is pretty unique.

Trroy2995d ago

The news article that goes with that comic is actually quite positive about MAG.


randomwiz2995d ago

Thats what happens in MAG when you don't stick with your squad, and try to solo it.

SPARTANVI2995d ago

Same thing can happen in BFBC2 and RDR.

thief2995d ago

Thats basically MAG played like CoD or Halo
In any well functioning team, you dont run off alone, AND you get revived (and revive others) as soon as you fall - even when its the middle of a firefight, thats probably the most critical factor behind success.
Of course, often teams are dysfunctional, but will gladly accept one poor match for 2-3 good matches, because a good, well contested match in MAG between two good teams is something to experience really, nothing to beat it except maybe KZ2.

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nnotdead2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

n my opinion BFBC2 is highly over rated. its a good game, but i dont get why its so loved. i always get squads filled with snipers. not to mention the people who just run around with rpgs to take out soilders instead of vehicles. then you have a hit detection and knife problems(PC). no one ever works as a team, and lvl up takes forever. not that bad if you been playing since the beginning, but i came a month late, and every one was a lot better equipped than. the actual gameplay is top notch. the vehicles and gun all control and play well.

MAG is 100% dependent on who you play with. find a good clan and you could end up having a great time. play with a bunch random people who dont work as a team, and you just find it frustrating. lvling up can take a while too, but you can be a very useful team mate around lvl 10-15. the actual gun and vehicle play isnt as rewarding as BFBC2. balancing is also a small problem. whither its the maps or guns, some ppl/faction will have some advantages. also Zipper has been working well with updating the game to fix the balance issues. not sure how long it will last, but Zipper has been supporting the game pretty well so far.

Dave13512995d ago

yea its collecting dust in my room. It sounded so awesome when I heard about it but I dont think zipper made it very well at all.

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MysticStrummer2995d ago

Hopefully this price drop and the impending DLC will get more players into this great game.

Myst2995d ago

Alrighty then now is my chance!

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