Level-5 plans to break Nintendo deal

Japanese studio Level-5 will look to publish the Professor Layton series – in a move that could remove Nintendo from the lucrative equation.

Level-5 owns the IP to Professor Layton, though a snug partnership with Nintendo has meant that the puzzle games have been exclusive to the DS. The series in question has sold tens of millions of units globally.

Now Level-5 is exhibiting how owning IP can keep any studio in charge of their own destiny – with even the Nintendo empire powerless to dictate where the developer can go.

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KiasuKiasiMan3034d ago

Wow, I was just thinking of a Professor Layton game outside the DS yesterday with cell-shaded graphics with anime cutscenes like in the Tales series. That would be great, also good for Level-5 they are spreading their wings.

hatchimatchi3034d ago

I'd love to see a professor layton game on the ps3 or wii. Keep the graphics similar, make it fully voiced & orchestrate the music. I love professor layton games, the more the merrier.