Red Faction 4 Goes Dark, Gritty?

GGTL: "All that's been seen is the picture above you - the title text. Now, title texts usually don't tell you anything other than how to spell the damn name, but this... this is interesting. Compare the 'Red Faction 4' screen with this Medal of Honor shot (after the jump)."

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kidnplay2909d ago

Interesting analysis :)

mjolliffe2909d ago

Certainly will be nitty gritty :D

Hideo_Kojima2909d ago

I am hoping for some variable environments... Like snow mountains and maybe if the game is set 100 years after RF:G they could have a few forests?

Valay2909d ago

Hm...I'll pay attention to this.

DA_SHREDDER2909d ago

I really hope they bring the old Red Faction feel back. Make it a FPS, bring back the old destruction along with the new. Keep the old story intact. Red faction 3 was a huge disappointment to us old RF fans. Its like turning FF from a JRPG to a WRPG. You totally screwed over your old fanbase. Sorta like how Squeenix is pissing off their fanbase.

Dnied2909d ago

not to the extent Square did but i miss red faction 1 with fps and OMG making tunnels was the most fun I had in a game since goldeneye lol

peeps2909d ago

I do wish it went back to how the original red faction was but i really can't see that happening now tbh. after all the effort they put into Guerrilla i wudda thought they'd wanna keep it open world and third person. Time will tell

poopface12909d ago

Either way is good for me. I just really enjoy the destruction and crazy different ways to destroy things.

ElementX2909d ago

I don't see the purpose in everybody on the Internet over-analysing everything that's released. You have pixel counters, side-by-side comparisons, people digging through each frame of trailers, blowing up, cropping, looking at things backwards... Some people really need to get out more.

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The story is too old to be commented.