10 Things You Can Make In LittleBigPlanet 2

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The scope of LittleBigPlanet 2’s tools is so huge that it looks highly unlikely that the best creations are going to come from individuals...

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GWAVE2851d ago

This game will be incredibly awesome, it seems. The first LBP was a revolution in game design in every sense of the phrase.

Let's hope this fanboy-run industry can be humble and recognize LBP2 for what it is.

Double Toasted2851d ago

Yeah, and I didn't know it was coming out this year. I read the Game Informer preview and I would place money on it as GOTY. This is one of a few games I take my hat off to thats on the PS3.

Calm Down Sunshine2851d ago

Just please don't make it too complicated.

It took me far too long just to get the opening of a level done in the first game, I dread to think how long it will take me to get the opening of a GAME done in LBP2.

Perhaps take a leaf out of ModNations book?

Biggest2851d ago

They have expanded the tool set for LBP2. I don't know if that equates to ease or intricacy. What I do know is that creative minds will flourish as always. I can't wait!

Dark_king2851d ago

it will be just like LBP with all those switches still there.However there are new tools that will not be easy for you to use like the chips.They might start simply like chase sackboy then can get more complex like dodge incoming paintballs by jumping behind cover.Shoot back and throw a grenade after 3 sets of weapons fire.But shouldn't be too hard to learn if you understand what its capable of.It was a pain setting up switches that would act as its AI so in that aspect it should seem easier.

thor2851d ago

No I don't want them to take a leaf out of ModNation's book.

ModNation Racers' track-editing system is very shallow compared to LBP. EVERY track is either a desert, a city, a jungle or a mountain track - there is NO room for innovation. Sure, you can draw out whatever shape track you like, but we've been able to do that for YEARS AND YEARS. The track editor is no better than all the other track editors from years and years ago. TrackMania is more flexible and lets you do more cool stuff.

The more creative freedom you have, the harder it will be to create. A good level has good attention to detail - and attention to detail takes time no matter how good the tools are. As soon as you make an "auto-populate" feature or similar, there is no attention to detail because all levels will look practically the same. LBP players hate it when you use MM objects, and with good reason. If they make it so you can make a level within 1 hour, it will be a crap level.

There are some aspects of creation that could be made a whole lot simpler, and I am sure that MM have looked at what people do when they create a level and so are going to streamline it. But there is no way they should take away the advanced and "complicated" tools because those are what give us the fantastic levels - which purely from an attention to detail standpoint take many, many hours to design and create.

Godmars2902851d ago

LBP2 sounds like it can become its own game system. Its own sub-genera to EVERY main and sub-genera.

Only problem is that much of what's going to be made with it will suck. Make that much harder to find its playable gems.

nikkisixx22851d ago

lol Micheal Jackson's thriller

AliTheBrit192851d ago

Shouldn't you be able to make anything?

Isn't that like, partly the entire point of the game?..

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