Trine Developers: Community Engagement Has Upside If Promises Met

As part of Gamasutra's latest postmortem feature, Frozenbyte -- developers of PC/PSN title Trine -- recount how strong community relations lead to interest in the game, but backfired later on.

To announce the game, then-unknown developer Frozenbyte decided to launch it with a trailer, which the team sweated over to make sure and get right.

According to Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvarinen and associate producer Joel Kinnunen, who wrote the postmortem, "The response to the trailer was totally unexpected and overwhelming. Even communities known for their harsh criticism approved of the trailer."

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Hellsvacancy2878d ago

Trine was great, i need to go back to it so i can Plat it "comlete the last level on Very Hard without dyin" i gave up, i could of looked it up on YouTube like most other people did but i wanted to do it on my own

Great game i hope theres a Trine 2 or a completly new game all together

jack_burt0n2878d ago

Even as a single player only game its in the top five psn games, at the price its @ now it probably is the best psn game along with wipeout seeing as you get a platinum trophy as well.

If you haven't bought this game and you enjoy a bit of platform hack and slash and simple puzzles what are you waiting for go buy it now!!!!!

It will raise the bar of what you expect from a download release. Sony should buy the dev and have them as an exclusive psn developer.

iamgoatman2878d ago

Why would you want them to be an exclusive psn developer? The game was released first on PC, and did pretty well if I remember correctly. Plus, their previous games were all PC titles.

Having them exclusives to one platform would be pretty selfish, and wouldn't necessarily increase the quality of their games at all.

chak_2878d ago

I liked it, but too short sadly.

Was the level editor released on PC as they mentionned before?

iamgoatman2878d ago

I don't think so, every time someone would enquire about it, all you'd hear is "we're undecided, maybe next month".

The game was way too short, and I'm quite disappointed with frozenbyte that they haven't released an editor yet. They keep coming up with the same old excuses, and I think peoples patience has grown thin.

I won't be buying any future sequels unless they actually support the game properly from the get go.

JoelFB2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Joel from Frozenbyte here. Just wanted to say that we've never promised the level editor as a given, just said that it's a possibility. We were a little bit too optimistic upon the release of the game, I admit that, and we've been way too optimistic with our "schedules" for it or the decision (we've been saying next month or something like that for half a year I guess, it's kinda like the release date comments we made prior to the PSN releases, heh). At this point it's looking likely that we probably won't release it, but again, who knows what really happens. We have a lot of plans and ideas that we'd like to do, and some of these are connected to each other, and the level editor is one piece in this machinery.

In hindsight we probably should've just said a flatout 'no' to the level editor requests so there wouldn't be so much anticipation...

Anyhow, I hope this clears it up a bit. Sorry for the confusion!

And thanks for all the comments, it's much appreciated. :)

- Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine