The Mind of Game - Super Street Fighter IV Review

The Mind of Game writes - "I’ll admit it; I’m not a huge fan of fighting games. I’ve never been a fan of memorizing long lists of combos and special moves for each of any one game’s roster of fighters, heck I’ve never been a fan of memorizing the combos for just my favorite characters. Thus, I’ve always been what is commonly referred to as a “button masher”, mashing buttons at random on my controller and hoping that whatever combination of buttons I pressed would result in something good happening on the screen. Oh, and blocking pretty much doesn’t exist to me. After all, why block when you can attack? Sure, this isn’t the greatest strategy in the world and skilled players can counter it without breaking a sweat but it’s entertaining enough, depending on the game. Despite all of that, something about the fighting genre has always intrigued me and when Super Street Fighter IV was released, at a lower than average price to boot, I decided to give it a shot."

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