Sony to Debut 3D Gaming in Japan

After years of planning and absorbing the high cost of making PS3 3D-ready, Sony’s plans for 3D gaming are finally coming into fruition. But unfortunately for us, Japan will be the first to experience 3D games, which will be made available overseas on June 10th. The list of debut titles is small, but promising.

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Alcon Caper2968d ago

To check out the 3D TVs on display. Although I thought it was an amazing technology, I just couldn't get over wearing those glasses. I felt that if my head was tilted a certain way while I was watching, it would get fuzzy. It looked fine, however when my head was level. Also, the new glasses were really bulky. And after a while of watching Monsters vs Aliens (the only true 3D movie out right now), the bridge of my nose was a little tender. I was watching Samsung only, so I don't know if the Sony brand would make a difference (probably not).

As opposed to seeing Avatar or Alice in Wonderland in a 3D IMax, I did feel that the 60 inch screen that I was watching the movie on was a bit confining. Yes it popped out at you, but only within the small confine of the television. So although the depth was impressive, the frame surrounding the screen was very confining.

Obviously these are problems that should be resolved in a couple of years and perhaps when they are resolved, Sony's take on gaming would have a solid enough foundation to make a difference. 3D TVs are still very very expensive and the glasses are also expensive. Perhaps the price point is what kept the pollsters from quickly agreeing to its incorporation into the gaming world.

However, if the opportunity presented itself, I'd choose glasses-less 3D any day of the week. It'll be interesting to see what Nintendo brings with the 3DS.


glassless is predicted for 2015

as for the glasses i havent had them on long enough to witness any heavyness, but the flickering anoyed me a bit im waiting for sony tvs to come in and see what there like. but once killzone 3d hits i wont be able to resist and hopefully glasses are improved.

Alcon Caper2968d ago

Congrats for having $8,000.00 to sink into a new TV...

USEYOURFIST2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )


in the uk sonys cheapest 3D tv is releasing at £1500 this month so by the time killzone 3 comes out should be even cheaper then that not exactly $8000. by any chance do you not have a ps3 o yea they are $4000 where u live so i guess not

morganfell2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Sorry but no one HAS to sink 8K into a TV. It's a privledge not a forced demand.

What it sounds like you are saying is, "I think it's ridiculous you can spend that money and I am rife with envy."

I think I read about a case like this once...

As regards the article why is it unfortunate 3D gaming will premiere in Japan on the 10th? There isn't a real venue for a display in the west before E3 and it isn't as if it is being delayed in the west. It is ready and the first opportunity is coming in Japan. If anything we should be happy we don't have to wait another week until E3.

Alcon Caper2968d ago

ever seen a 3D tv before? unless you have at least a 50 inch, it's not worth watching. instead of quoting prices, go to the store and check one out for yourself and realize that 3D on a 20 inch flatscreen is as wasteful as watching a 1080p movie on your cell phone...

DaTruth2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

If you guys aren't interested, how come you can't bypass even one article about it. "Oh, teh glasses, teh glasses"! They literally weigh less than a pound. Anybody with any objectivity doesn't even notice them on their face. Are you telling me you stood in Best Buy with the things on your face for two hours, or are you trying to convince us you were terribly annoyed after five minutes of wearing them?

Glasses are so terrible, yet after several hundred years of using them, for some reason the human race isn't annoyed enough with them to make something else.

Do us a favour and stick to articles about HDless 360 games!

PirateThom2967d ago

I was annoyed withing 5 minutes of watching Alice in Wonderland in 3D.

I don't wear glasses normally, not even sunglasses, and the weight on my nose was very, very noticable and I had to take them off for a few moments about 4 times through the movie.

I couldn't enjoy any movie when wearing them. I'd rather wait for glassesless tech.

M-Easy2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Yet your excited about a 3 inch 3DS? Troll much?

RedDevils2967d ago

I think he forgotten the code to bypass it, what a shame :P

Baka-akaB2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

and who said anything about watching it on a small screen ? Regarless your price tag is just ridiculous .

If you've actually seen such price them blame the greedy stores ...
And that's coming from a guy living in an area where any new ps3/360 game cost 120-130 dollars , among many other expensive things

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DJ2967d ago

100-inch, 4K resolution TVs should probably do the trick. As for the price though, what do you expect? It's brand new technology. It's supposed to make your pockets empty.

Rainstorm812967d ago

This comment seems weel thought out, but everything beneath this made you seem like a troll, 3D wont be perfect out of the gate but niether was HD so thats just what you deal with when it comes to new technology

snp2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Thinking the same. Starts with a (faux?) 'sincere' approach, and then with a minor challenge, starts inflating prices by 400% or more to regress to outright fud.

A 50" Samsung 3d Plasma, with 5 years warranty and atm 4 sets of glasses and a 3d Bluray player and 3d version of Monsters vs Aliens included can be had for ~$2k Australian.

I haven't taken much notice of the US, but i'm sure with little effort a 50" could be found for well under $2K US.

I'm not completely sold on 3d at this point either btw (at least versions of televisions with glasses), but lets keep the prices we quote (and facts regarding it) to something like the real world. Otherwise it just makes it seem more like someone less 'clinically considering the merits of 3d' and more about spreading fud for what are probably fanboy reasons (given the conflicting levels of interest Sony/Microsoft has shown in it to this point).

xTruthx2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

lol alcon, 3d tv's wont be near 8grand unless its like a 65 inch tv or more and its brand new.

beardpapa2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Samsung 55 inch 3dtv for $3300. Not $8k. Rather expensive, but much more cheaper than when plasma screens first came into the market. And for $3300 and 3D, it's cheaper than a high end bravia set. Or the cheaper 46 inch one for $2600. Pick your poison.

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sikbeta2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

It's Already Began....

DJ2967d ago

I don't plan on investing until we get 3D TVs that DON'T require glasses. I already wear glasses, and putting 3D goggles on is a pain, as I learned with Avatar.

s0ph1atr0n2967d ago

I agree with you, DJ. I wear glasses, so I would definitely NOT want to be wearing two pairs of glasses at once.

shoddy2967d ago

and take another 2 years to adapt due to price just like bluray and 3dtv right now. you'll be waiting until the PS4.

Like 3d or not it is the logical step to the future and I wish I could afford it.

damn $300 glasses.

beardpapa2967d ago

$150 for one. But hey. $300. It's a premium for the "hey look at me i'm the cool kid of the block" feeling.

hoops2967d ago

The whole 3D console setup istoo costly right now. This will take off for consoles next generation

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