SPEEDLINK working on first PlayStation Move Peripherals

PlayStation® Move – SPEEDLINK® with matching accessories right from release

SPEEDLINK® will be complementing the launch of the PlayStation® Move platform with its own portfolio

Weertzen, 2 June 2010 – Autumn 2010 marks the launch date of the new PlayStation Move motion controller platform for the PlayStation 3. The platform will comprise a Bluetooth®-enabled motion controller, a navigation controller and the PlayStation® Eye camera. SPEEDLINK is currently hard at work developing matching accessories to impress retailers and gamers with a range of products right from when the platform is released.

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sikbeta2881d ago

Well, What do you Expect, The Move will Have the Support of everyone that wants to jump into it, this happens all time with Third Party Stuff when it Comes to everything PlayStation Related...

Bigpappy2880d ago

How many controllers do they think people will have lying around? This is getting very interesting. I will wait and see who buys all this stuff.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Anyone know what is this?

A misterious Slot from Move.

The ''EXT'' (¿Extension?) Port. Probably related with this.

mac4u102880d ago

Its for future integrations.

DA_SHREDDER2881d ago

I will buy something that has a right analog stick. I cant believe Sony is so stupid and ignorant to not include one on the PSmove. Even the Wii mote has a Dpad on its controller. Sony you stupid, ignorant, piece of dog poo.

mithril2881d ago

It's me or you who has not understood the concept, the right analog stick was replaced by the movement of the sphere not? in FPS The left analog stick move your character and the sphere your sight. What other kind of movement you want?

jack_burt0n2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

think he means left arm right arm mapped to left right wand motion and an analog stick each for movement and camera.

b f**king hardcore like that :)

Mo0eY2881d ago


Switch the controllers around, and presto, a right analog stick. The controller seems to be reversible which is handy, pun intended, for those lefty gamers.

Ju2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Using a motion controller AND a stick on the same device is pretty pointless and I can imagine impossible to use.

That D Pad on the Wii remote is never used to navigate, though. It's used in games where you don't have an actual controller, but hold the Wii-Mote sideways, etc. PS3 still has a DS3.

trounbyfire2881d ago

why god why have you damned us.
.......the wii must pay for this...mark my words!!!

Dlacy13g2881d ago

"The SPEEDLINK portfolio for the PlayStation® Move aims to increase ease-of-use and gaming fun. With a collection of controller attachments, such as tennis rackets and a whole set of assorted sports accessories in the Sports Pack, SPEEDLINK will make games more realistic and improve accuracy. There will also be a special range of customised accessories such as guns for gamers who are mad about action games."

Didn't someone at Sony say Move wasn't a Wii clone? Really? Sure is starting to feel like it.

SonyNGP2881d ago

Peripherals for peripherals?

Dear God....

Dlacy13g2881d ago

Bubbles to you ...didnt even think of it that way. Nicely played!

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