Britxbox: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

Dave Cartlidge writes: "In 2008 Ubisoft rebooted what was already a rebooted franchise, the Prince of Persia. Bringing a new art direction, character, storyline and a more open world feel it was a decent game but not well received by fans. Ubisoft’s latest PoP title uses the series' own mechanic and rewinds time back to the first reboot, bringing back the original Prince, art style, gameplay mechanics and linear storytelling. Despite the new game coinciding with the release of the new movie this game has no connection with the film at all. So it is a revisiting of the first reboot, not the second reboot and not connected to the film which is out now. Confused yet?

For fans of the series, TFS is a return to form and worth a look. In the wider context, however, there are few ideas to get excited about and not much below the surface that has not been done better elsewhere."

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