Britxbox: Skate 3 Review

Kieran Helps writes: "Skate 3 has entered the realms of games that are updated yearly, by taking a recipe that works and updating it, small improvements in various areas of the game can allow it to feel fresh, yet familiar to the gamer, and with Skate 3, this is exactly what developers Black Box have gone for. The only question is whether they have done enough with the third instalment.

Overall, Skate 3 is the undoubtedly the best skating game available on current gen consoles, and will not disappoint fans of old. But it's not without its faults, while it can be highly recommended for new players and die-hard fans looking for a somewhat pricey expansion. Unless you are looking for more of a co-op experience, even the inclusion of Coach Frank, or rather Earl from My Name is Earl (voiced by Jason Lee himself), and a soundtrack which includes Neil Diamond (I kid you not, it actually works), may not be enough to warrant a purchase for owners of Skate 2, leaving them a bit underwhelmed."

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