How Naughty Dog killed Uncharted 2 Multiplayer

The SWANTONMASTER Team go over How Naughty Dog Killed Uncharted 2 Multiplayer

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FangBlade2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

What's with the dramatic title

oliverasadi2971d ago

because it's a dramatic game ;)

Conloles2971d ago

In other news Video killed the radio star.

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poopface12971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

before 1.05. They also changed it from saying "players online" to "daily players." Probably because they knew the players would drop. It said aroud 80K the first day of 1.05. I bet its alot lower now. IM going to go look.

ITs just not as fun as it used to be.

I commented on their fourms to make a pre 1.05 playlist and they didnt. Why not listen to all the people that were there who LIKED THE GAME THEY BOUGHT.
MUltiplayer was the reason I bought U2. Woulda just rented it.

Edit-- I used to use the AK the most, and still do. The game used to be better in EVERY way.

barom2971d ago

The vocal people are usually the minority. Even though they say it's dead and all that stuff, they have nothing to go on but terrible data. Naughty Dog has already said (in an interview) that they heard all the complaints but commented the number of players has actually increased. In other words the majority liked it.

I can put forth another example. Before SOCOM Confrontation came out, everyone said how they all loved SOCOM 2 more than SOCOM Confrontation, can anyone guess what the numbers were back then? 2k players for SOCOM 2 and 10k players for SOCOM Confrontation. That's 5 times as much. I think Naughty Dog is doing the right thing, they're listening but they make up their own mind and considering their history, I trust them to do the right thing.

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vhero2971d ago

Hmm just read.. I wondered after playing recently again why the FAL sucked I used to always use it when I first bought the game. I was getting pwnd and thought I was doing something wrong and thought the AK was a lot more powerful I thought I was going mad. However did it kill multi-player? No.. Just changed it... Some people need to get real and stop crying because there favourite weapon got nuked boo hoo..

RedDevils2971d ago

using fal mainly because they have a bad eyesight or SHlT at aiming, I prefer ak47, it powerful, quick, I don't have to keep pressing the shooting button everytime, with ak47 i just hold it, although ak47 is not accurate compare to fal or mp4,

but if you like been noob, you can just grab a shot gun/pistol and ran up to people and press shoot BANG! no need to aim how easy is that

BeaArthur2971d ago

There's a difference between adjusting an over powered weapon (which none of the weapons in U2 when it released were particularly over powering). And changing the core mechanics of a game after it's been out for 4 months. Nerfing a gun is totally different from changing the way the health system works. Now there is no need to pick up any of the weapons on the map (except the grenade launcher) because the AK47 does as much or more damage than every other gun on the map.

Downtown boogey2971d ago

I played it SO MUCH when it released but the lack of online trophies and additional co-op missions had me trade it out after I had gotten the most out of it so I dodged those problems.

I still can't comprehend why they carried out the trophies so freaking late! I was anticipating them from the first time touched the MP which was after having platinum'd the game.

SOAD2971d ago

A lot of other people on this site hate online trophies.

jerethdagryphon2970d ago

naughty dog said: we wanted everyone at launch to be able to get platinium

thats why

NYPunk882971d ago

UC2 MP users are very passionate about this game and if you had a chance to play the MP before they made modifications to it you'd understand why. It was a lot of fun to play. But I agree that these users need to chill the f**k out. I hope that ND learns from this experience and applies all that knowledge towards their next MP.

You got to cut ND a break here, it was after all their very first multiplayer. Most people forget this because everything from SP to MP just felt so damn perfect. We're actually very lucky to have NaughtyDog develop for the PS3 and only the PS3.

NaughtyDog 4 life!

Veneficus2971d ago

but I must say, the game is still good. Certain things felt a bit different, sure, but not bad. It barely took me a minute to get used to the changes. I'm doing as well now as I did before the modifications.

mantisimo2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I never played it before the update as I was a late comer but now I play it every day and love it BUT I would probably be upset if they changed it back and I had to get used to a different style again. If you can adapt then its cool but still upsetting but as I said I love it as it is cos I don't know any other way.

BYE2970d ago

Yeah, great title, I didn't realize they killed the servers completely on this game /s

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-Alpha2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

The multiplayer is still great, but the article is true, despite the dramatic title. We all love ND's great Single Player, but they are far from experts at the multiplayer. And it's too bad because I find the MP to be genuinely unique, highly enjoyable, and severely underrated.

This man puts it very well, and has created the most favorited thread on the ND forums:

He puts it very logically, but allow me to explain too: Naughty Dog tried too hard to please everybody and they lacked confidence in their product. Changing the core gameplay after the majority was used to the style simply because some people complained about the weakness of the AK-47 is just a bad decision. People were, for some reason, expecting the starting weapon to be really powerful but the whole purpose of a game like UC2 is to go for the powerful weapons lying around the game. Before the AK was underpowered purposefully but it was manageable to use. I could easily get kills with it, despite it being harder than most other weapons to get kills with. That was the POINT-- to get stronger weapons which were all around the map.

Now I get killed with AKs from across the map making weapons like the FAL useless. However, since they screwed around with the health/damage all weapons are way too easy to get kills with and the action has turned much faster paced and cover is a little less useful. Instead of aiming for the head people can now get kills with any gun making the game simply accessible for everybody, and that is what ND wanted. Before, if you carelessly aimed at the legs and torso you'd have to go through a clip and a half. Now you can gets kills much easier no matter what. The problem is that some of the faithful gamers got fed up with this and left the game because they changed the core mechanics.

The reason why it's such a bad move isn't because they changed the principle of the game: people can get used to the change, but it's the fact that they forced this upon everybody just when nearly everybody was getting used to the game mechanics simply because a few people on the forums complained. The best solution was to make it a playlist like hardcore mode in CoD, but instead they make it the standard. It makes absolutely no sense. I got used to the change, but I wish ND was more confident in the product they did had because it was fantastic the way it was. I bought the DLC just yesterday and I continue to enjoy the game. The co-op remains great, and so does the multiplayer, but the gameplay has changed and it makes no sense to do that to a game when you release it and have it out for so long. On top of that it just created more issues for them to resolve (balancing), and there are already so many more problems with matchmaking, glitching, etc. that just get pushed back unnecessarily.

Whoooop2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I really doubt Naughty Dog lacked confidence in their product... They just thought they could satisfy more gamers by making the multiplayer more accesible.

Is it worse or better?? I don't know because I haven't played the game much after the patch.

ATLGAMER2971d ago

is the best game made this gen...

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

That is why UC2 won the GOTY, and have more than 140 Awards, and keep winning awards this year, is the most Awarded game in the history of videogames =).

vickers5002971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

17 shots or a clip and a half to kill someone with an AK-47? No thank you. Those that complain about "realism" have no right calling the game realistic if they prefer pre 1.05. The new patch is fantastic and finally fixes the underpowered AK47. It should NOT take more than a clip of constant firing (all bullets hitting) to kill someone.

And no, it's not like Modern Warfare 2. In Modern Marfare 2, it only takes 2 f*cking bullets with that scar gun to kill someone. 2 bullets! Don't even compare Uncharted 2 to MW2 and say retarted crap like U2 is almost exactly like it now. They've found a perfect balance with the AK now. AK accuracy and damage by default is sh*t. The gun has absolutely no other pro's other than it fires automatically. So by increasing the damage of this less accurate gun, the game is more balanced.

And no, Uncharted 2 should NOT be a game that depends on who runs to the weapon and gets it first. Uncharted 2 should be played based on how good you are with ANY weapon. The goal shouldn't be to go and get the most overpowered weapon you can get your hands on so you can kill people as fast as you can, the game should be about using the weapon that YOU LIKE to kill people with.

I myself use the 92fs and hardly ever switch to another weapon. G*d damn that weapon in this game is f*cking awesome. It's the best pistol in game I've ever played, and controls smooth as butter and is very accurate too. Finally, a game where a player with a pistol can go toe to toe with a player using automatic weapons. I barely ever use automatic weapons, and when I do, it's usually because I have ran out of pistol ammo.

But anyways, quit complaining, this article does NOT have a valid point. If you cannot avoid 6-7 shots, then it's YOUR fault, not Naughty Dogs.

Tommykrem2971d ago

@counter strike
Yeah, it's just an opinion piece. But I think UC2 online is as good as ever as well.

jack_burt0n2971d ago

Article is SPOT on, never known a game to be broken on purpose after release especially after a 6 month beta.

And naughty dog dont give a shit whatsoever, how hard is it to add a seperate playlist after they have stated they can do it easily over and over again.

Nike2971d ago

So long as there's people who love the game for what it is (rather than hating it for what's missing), such complaints will go ignored. It'd be great if they could update, but hey, the majority says they love it, then why change it?

LordMarius2971d ago

so if the majority likes it, is it really killed? I don't get the logic in this article

vhero2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I never known somebody to be so biased as you Jack its not broken. They as devs do give a s**t I mean the reason they made those changes were because the majority of the people who played the game actually asked for them what more do you want from the devs??? They are doing these changes for the people who play them just because a few people don't like them you think they give a crap?

poopface12971d ago

The most comments EVER on was after they changed it wanting at least a pre 1.05 playlist.

They nerfed nades because like 3 people on the fourms wanted them to. Then completly IGNORE 100s of people wanting a pre 1.05 playlist and make some other bs playlist instead.

die_fiend2971d ago

It is a real shame that they decided to change things up so much when things were absolutely fine. It just makes it much harder for good people to do as well because the health is so low now. It was my favourite multiplayer game by far until they changed everything and I haven't played it in months because of the changes. It's now just really easy for every1 to get kills due to the AK being so powerful. Wasn't the whole point in a the M4 that it was better but you had 2 pick it up? Instead you just get mauled if you don't use the AK. And it's not that I don't do as well in matches after the changes, it's just a lot less enjoyable which sucks. Sort it out ND, you've ruined an incredible multiplayer

jack_burt0n2971d ago

@everyone who has posted

We are all united in the fact that we should have been given an option of playing how the game was b4 the major update.


Uncharted 2 is a masterpiece :) happy gaming

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Colonel-Killzone2971d ago

OH LORD here we go sigh. I like the multiplayer and I play it sometimes very good. Just wish we had more features in the multiplayer thats my only complaint.

Delive2971d ago

There is a 1.4 following out there who will never stop. The game is fine. Just need to expand it, more options.