Britxbox: Blur Review

Leigh Sherval writes: "Blur is the latest from Bizarre Creations, the studio responsible for Metropolis Street Racer and Project Gotham Racing. They have a tight grasp on what makes a thorough arcade racing experience. They also have proven success in other genres; evidenced by popular shooter Geometry Wars and the rhythm based Boom Boom Rocket. Blur represents the culmination of this experience, one part racer, and two parts neon eye candy, all punctuated with high score chasing addiction.

I’ve not enjoyed a racer this much since the glory days of Burnout. Blur exhibits visual flair, tight, responsive controls married to addictive gameplay and a truly compulsive unlock system designed to hook you in and never let go. There’s a lot of game here and it’s all incredibly well designed. Activision has been keen to market Blur as Mario Kart for adults. In terms of sheer quality, it’s a fair comparison to make."

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