GameSpy Details Open Initiative, New Tools Pricing

GameSpy Technology's VP Todd Northcutt is excited about the web's ability to enable everyone to aggregate and shape data to their needs. In response, he pushed his team to develop GameSpy Open, a new outgrowth of the matchmaking company's technology.

It allows developers to mine for data in their own titles and the community for the games to harness that data how they see fit, via GameSpy's APIs. This, he hopes, should allow better community engagement and hooks into social media.

GameSpy, whose networking technology drives Mario Kart Wii and games in the Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto series, among others, hopes that its new "pay-as-you-go" pricing structure and Open APIs will attract independent developers as well. "We're not a platform. We're out to help our developer partners succeed," says Northcutt.

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chak_3000d ago

noooooooo gamespy browser is crap, get out, leave it to the pro (thinking valve here)