Monthly Top 5's - Next Generation Game Glitches

Everybody loves lists; if they didn't why would Channel 4 keep producing them? Best comedy films, best comedy moments, best comedy quotes, best comedians – they are all something we need to know in a sequential numbered format. But top 40's are often convoluted and tend to loose impact when the number one spot comes around. With that in mind we decided to keep proceedings short and sweet. A top 5, no more, no less.

This month we take a look at those occasional glitches found in next generation console games. Some see characters run through walls and are an annoyance at best; others result in some hilarious, impossible, and often usual outcomes. Here are the 5 that tickled us the most. Enjoy.

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BeaArthur2968d ago

The donkey lady is hilarious. On a side note; when are we going to stop calling this the next generation.

dannylilley2968d ago

Very good point. It should really be 'This Generation'. Maybe it'll stop when the next generation of consoles is out? lol

astar1234567892968d ago

i still don't get why this game is so buggy, are the bugs easter eggs or something? this took 5 years to make with over ten bugs that should not be in a game don't get me wrong i love this game its better then gta 4, has rock* said anything about this yet if not they should say something, anything sorry haha.

i also hate the term next gen oe this gen or last gen

Mr Patriot2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Fix the horrible online mess that was GEOW2 and we are all set ...

oops wrong thread ...