Need for Speed World dev diary released

E4G: Electronic Arts has released the first ever developer diary for their upcoming game, Need for Speed World. The diary showcases what the developers can do in the game that they would never think of doing before.

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dardinkay2879d ago

I cannot wait for this game, going to be a epic race title. The beta is even in good standings.

matrix2242879d ago

I agree, the beta was fun as hell.

DocOfGaming2879d ago

In my opinion, I really didn't like the beta. Either my net/pc sucks or this game lagged all the time. Just my two cents worth though.

dardinkay2878d ago

Well you probably have the crappiest internet in the world because it works perfectly fine.

mmoracerules2878d ago

It lags every now and then...

dardinkay2878d ago

Doc is probably a fanboy lawl.

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The story is too old to be commented.