Videogamer: Backbreaker Review

Videogamer writes: "It's not fair to say American Football fans have been lumped with Madden over the years. Even if in reality it's the only choice, it's actually quite good. Creator EA has the exclusive rights to all the real teams and players from the NFL, the game's presentation authentically recreates the spectacle that is Monday Night Football, and it's got more game modes than you can cope with. Sure, Madden hasn't significantly evolved in recent years, but as a package it's brilliant."

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Smootherkuzz2965d ago

After playing the game I found it to be fun and different and hard to stop playing, I will spend more time with this game then with Madden this year, after all Madden is Madden year after year, not alot of slap your momma improvements from last years version. Backbreaker forces you to learn controls,movements,camera position and camera switching as well as on the down on the field view, which is far different then Madden. There are alot of things that should have been smoothed out before release but the fun is there. True this is no Madden which also has it's roughness even after all these years and have things that could be done different or just left out of the game.Iam looking forward to the next installment of this game the best is yet to come.