E3 vs. GamesCom: Industry must choose, says Namco

CVG: The games industry needs to choose between E3 and rising European trade show, GamesCom, because supporting both costs too much.

That's according to Namco Bandai Partners VP, Olivier Comte, who told CVG that E3 being back to its traditional, monolithic size presents a difficult decision for game companies.

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sinncross2912d ago

I like the idea that there are 3 major conventions each year, one for each major region.

I mean, if it costs too much to attend both E3 and GamesCom then don't go to GamesCom: its as simple as that.

belal2912d ago

E3 is the biggest game show in the world. i don't think anyone will choose anything else than E3. It started on E3 and will STAY on E3.

Def Warrant2912d ago

E3 the biggest of them all i think. Many developers use it as an opportunity to showcase their new IP's. Tokyo game show is still great though.