Strategy Informer: Red Dead Redemption Review

Strategy Informer writes: "From the moment cowboy John Marston alights from his train in frontier town Armadillo, it's Redemption's open-world elements that immediately entice. The town itself contains a microcosm of attractions, mini-games and side missions, but it's those rolling twilight prairies on the horizon that draw the eye. Standing and gazing, it's easy to begin wondering exactly how far you can travel. Does the train work perhaps? (it does) Can I explore the other side of the river? (you can, but you can't swim) Can you scale those distant mountains? (yep) Where is that gunfire coming from? (...) What was that scream? (!) What the bloody hell was that crawling in the grass... and where are my weapons? (a rabbit, and mapped to the left bumper)"

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