Strategy Informer: Blacklight: Tango Down Preview

Strategy Informer writes: "As a result, the idea is that you'll find all of the content that you'd normally expect from a full-fat title you'd normally grab from your trusty local games retailer, and even a few little extra tricks to boot. Positioned more towards the Trials HD and Castle Crashers end of the download market in terms of pricing, it's Blacklight's multiplayer aspects that'll likely carry it upon release. Comprised of a mix of twelve small, medium and large maps designed for between 2v2 and 8v8 multiplayer matches across seven different game types, Blacklight is almost as rich with features as the majority of FPS multiplayer titles you could care to think of. Gerritsen credits Battlefield 1943 as the template for Blacklight, taking the basic multiplayer tenets and building from there."

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