The Perfect SEGA E3 Lineup for Fans writes: "With the industry’s mega event, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, set to kick-off on the 15th, there’s a lot of speculation about what surprises will be unveiled at the mega-convention. Many publishers have already revealed their game lineups publicly, while others have kept a tight lid on the subject of E3. We wanted to look at a troubled publisher who once was at the top of the hardware and software biz, but has seen some issues lately. Mainly we wanted to run down the titles we think could quickly turn around the company’s fortunes and set the ship of the once great SEGA back onto the right course.

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vgn243118d ago

I like the idea of a new Phantasy Star JRPG, but the traditional JRPG genre is dying. Even Final Fantasy is going in the direction of the Western RPG. Maybe that is why XIII got negative feedback though? Nevermind, maybe it is a good idea.

Anarki3118d ago

Final Fantasy needs to go back to its roots instead of making what AMERICA want. Everyone is expecting JRPG's from Square Enix, why make WRPG?

BattersUp3118d ago

I want either Phantasy Star or a new Valkyria Chronicles.

hatchimatchi3118d ago

FFXIII isn't anything like a wrpg. It's a streamlined experience for a jrpg. Yes it's different from the norm but it's nothing like a wrpg.

SaiyanFury3118d ago

Japanese developres need to understand that we don't want JRPGs like FF13, we want *actual* JRPGs. I don't think the genre is dying, but I think it's becoming once again the niche genre that it was before Final Fantasy VII. The genre (in my opinion) was most golden on the original PlayStation where I was always expecting a new game at any given time. Now, I can't say the same. I can see things coming, but don't always have interest. Japan has stepped down the production of JRPGs on the main consoles and favours the cheap portables which I have far less interest in. I hold a hope that eventually the main JRPG developers will come around. I'd love to see a new Breath of Fire from Capcom. :)

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vgchica3118d ago

If Sega goes bankrupt, and doesn't make Shenmue III, then it's their own fault. Everyone wants that game.

hatchimatchi3118d ago


Shenmue fans want the game, everyone else doesn't really care.

GunShotEddy3118d ago

Sega will be owned by Nintendo in a couple years. Who cares.

vgn243118d ago

That is one of the most ignorant things I've seen on this site. And sadly I've seen it more than once. Whatever grudge or ignorance you have towards or about Sega; you need to get over it. Nintendo Won't own Sega. Sega's simply too big.

baraka0073118d ago

Phantasy Star and Shenmue 3 would be awesome but very doubtful... maybe Phantasy Star if we're lucky but Shenmue 3 I just don't see it happening.

Stealth20k3118d ago

This would be perfect for fans. Not that other crap

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