IncGamers: Minimum PC Spec Requirements For APB

Despite the many and various spec requirements for upcoming MMO, APB, IncGamers can reveal the official spec requirements for the game on its release.

Robert Anderberg, Realtime Worlds' technical lead, categorically stated the PC requirements to run APB smoothly.

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ultramoot3035d ago

Looks a bit steep for many casual(read non-hardcore) gamers, especially in the MMO genre. Looking at the graphics, that requirement is not justified at all, especially the GPU and CPU part.

IMChampion3035d ago

I'm playing the beta right now on my 8800GT, C2D 2.66, 4GB ram and I'm getting constant frames of around 45. On max setting with 2x AA and 1920x1200 native. Works fine for me. I guess all this could change in the final game I suppose.