Eidos: Deus Ex 3 'True To The Original'

Speaking to NowGamer, Eidos Montreal has revealed that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has more in common with the first game than Invisible War, revealing the core gameplay mechanics.

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ultramoot2964d ago

"Deus Ex 3 - True To The Original"

Somehow I highly doubt that. There's a thing I've learned about sequels that are made "available to a wider audience", and that is, they're hardly ever 'true to the original'.

Bluemaster772964d ago

I really hope this is true

chak_2964d ago

A french PC magasine I bought yesterday has an exclusive first look at gameplay, writing a 4 pages coverage with exclusive pics and all.

They're a true PC only magasine, really picky about ports and all, yet they said the same, true to the first one.

they said DX2 was crap, and the third smells reeeeeeeally good.

here is the front page

I can't wait to see more.

Malebaria2964d ago

Fingers crossed for this one.