Hudson Has Revealed E3 Lineup and That a Surprise is Coming

Hudson Entertainment, the North and South American subsidiary of Hudson Soft, has revealed what fans and the press can expect at E3. The popular publisher will be showcasing a diverse line-up of titles at the 2010 Electric Entertainment Expo from June 15-17 in Los Angeles.

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vgn242908d ago

A little curious if the surprise is just another Bomberman?

Anarki2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Did this company create bloodyroar?
EDIT: http://www.hudsonentertainm...

Yeah, they made bloody roar 4... I'm going to hope to god that it's a sequel to this game.

vgn242908d ago

That sounds a lot more exciting than Bomberman (not that I don't love the little guy), but BloodyRoar was a nice franchise that kind of fell off towards the end with the huge influx of 3D fighters. Man that was a bust for fighters with tons of bad games out.

Could be the right time to return!

BattersUp2908d ago

fighting genre is making a big comeback because of Street Fighter IV

GunShotEddy2908d ago

I'd kill for a new Bloody Roar. *fingers crossed

meetajhu2908d ago

Bloody Roar is a awesome fighting game loved Bloody Roar 3 at PS2 launch. I wish the next would be brutal as God of War 3

solidt122908d ago

It's a good thing that more companies are starting to develop next gen games.

solidt122908d ago

It looks like they mostly make smaller games for PSP, DS, WiiWare, Xbox Live and PSN. Maybe they are stepping outside of that and about to announce a full Next gen HD game for PS3 and Xbox 360?

Projekt7tuning2908d ago

I loveed Bonk's Adventure. I'm glad to see it coming to Arcade. I would feel like a little kid again if they would come out with a brand new modern Bonk's Adventure. I had a TurboGrafx-16 when I was like 10 or 11. I remember that Christmas was like one of the last magical ones for me, were you still get a bunch of toys and crap you don't need. It is still so vivid in my memory opening up Bonk's Adventure, China warrior, and finally the last box (hidden behind the tree of course) the Pièce de résistance, My very own TurboGrafx-16. To bad it died a quick retail death 2 years later. Bring back Y's Book too, and redo it from the beginning.

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