OXCGN's Gaming And E3′s Celebrities – No Such Thing As A Game Celebrity?


"We all know game development is one of the most overlooked creative industries. While you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t know the names James Cameron or Beyonce Knowles, mention Peter Molyneux or Shigeru Miyamoto to any non-gamer and you’ll be met with blank stares."

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Belgavion2916d ago

I got 9 out 10 in the quiz. Always room for improvement

gaminoz2916d ago

I kind of was average. I'm more about the game than the people behind it I have to admit. I tend to know studios and publishers more.

Author makes a very good point!

XboxOZ3602916d ago

One thing that astounds me is the fact many gaming celebrities are not known of, even within the industry that plays the game. Well, by gamers anyhow.

I suppose the higher the public awareness game achieve, and as their general uptake continues, names like Newell, Ed Fries, etc will become more commonly known for what they have contributed to the world of gaming.

REALgamer2915d ago

When you see a name like Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg it instantly makes people more interested, like with District 9.

I'm sure publishers would be willing to take more chances on new IPs if they had a recognized name attached to make sure it can build interest.

Look at the fuss with Halo Chronicles when Peter Jackson when it was announced years ago. Yet how many of Halo's actual developers can you name?...

XboxOZ3602915d ago

Agreed, and it can work with games that are decent, but not 9's or 10's etc, such as Avatar the Game. Was a great game, but certainly had its flaws, but sold reasonably well and was in the media due to the person behind it.

I've noticed that EDGE Magazine, which is always industry skewed, is now doing extensive articles on at least one identity within the industry each issue, and also one related to Retro gaming from the past. Ideally getting the info out to the readers.

But that's where things fall down actually.

There are two, possibly 3 generations of gamers that basically do not read more than a few lines of text, and consider reading a waste of time. So they miss out on the basics behind the hobby or past time they enjoy so much.

it's a shame really, as stuff like this helps form their knowledge for the future.

BadCircuit2915d ago

I do not really know who makes the games and who is the head of the companies either. This shows in my result, which was really low. I love to play games and don't really care who creates them.

When I finish a game I never pay attention to the credits at the end either. If I did I might have gotten a few more of those right.

The article is really good in showing that some gamers don't really know who is who in the gaming industry.