Why Nintendo needs to make an HD console

GamesRadar writes: Internet grinds to halt as we make shocking statement that no one’s definitely ever thought of before.

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soxfan20052969d ago

I've never seen the dolphin emulator. How does it work?

Aren't all Wii games native 480p? Does the emulator simply upscale them to HD resolution?

ProjectVulcan2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

You need an Iso rip of the wii game. Dolphin renders the game natively in the resolution you select, assuming you have the Pc to do it. So you can have native 1080P wii games...This isnt new, You can do it with Ps2 emulators, even N64 ones etc. Fancy goldeneye in 1080P someday on xbox live? You can have it NOW, with an emulator.

Nintendo could easily bring out a HD console with off the shelf parts, It would be a walk in the park to create a machine considerably more powerful than PS3 and 360 without costing too much more. However that would still mean it would likely be as expensive as PS3 is now, minus the bluray

Legosz2969d ago

To play Wii games on your PC in 1080p, you need a GOOD pc. I am talking atleast a minimum of 8GB DDR3 and a quad core 2.66ghz+

JsonHenry2969d ago

I hope they up the bar in power and performance next generation to add some competition into the mix.

Hideo_Kojima2969d ago

Well last generation GameCube was on par (if not more capable) when it came to graphics with PS2 and Xbox so who knows?

Next gen the tides might be turned there doesn't seem to be a trend in hardware capabilities compared to other consoles during gens.

despair2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )


i never saw any kind of graphical prowess from the GC to rival the PS2 or Xbox, the games are the result and GC had no Technically amazing game like PS2 and Xbox, plus isn't the Wii almost the same Hardware as the GC.


huh i need to read more apparently..but yea did a little search and it was, the disc storage was the main shortcoming though.

Double Toasted2969d ago

Actually Guntrol is being modest because the Gamecube's graphics were better than the PS2's, slightly behind the Xbox's though...

SOAD2969d ago

The Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2. The prime example was Resident Evil 4. The game was made on the Gamecube and then downgraded for the PS2. Of course, it may have just been a bad port. But the Gamecube was certainly not a weak console in comparison to the PS2.

sikbeta2969d ago


The GameCube was More Powerful than the PS2, for example RE4, I Played Both Versions and if it wasn't for the Huge Content added in the PS2 version, I'd never play it Again, The GC version was Graphically Better...

The GC was the Second more Powerful Console of Last Gen, but Sony is smart and Put Their First Party Devs To Squeeze all The Potential of The PS2, The Result was GOW2

Graphics can put aside when you know the Library of Games is Amazingly Huge and that's the Case of the PS2, a totally Different Situation compared to the wii this Gen

Nintendo need an HD Console because all the Gaming Industry Jump into This Whole HD thing, there is no way to go back, Nintendo Have and Strong First Party Line-up but Third Party Support Sucks and the only way to get Real Support From Third Party Devs is With an HD Console...

Bodyboarder_VGamer2969d ago

the GC was at least 1.5x more powerful than the PS2, the problem was that no dev tried to make use of the hardware. Something similar it's happening with the Wii. The Wii has twice the CPU, GPU and Ram than the GC and we're hardly seeing any games that are graphically superior to old GC games.

e-p-ayeaH2969d ago

RE4 looked better on GC than PS2!? im surprised

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NOOBKILLA2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

It seems like it wouldn't be smart to come out with a new Wii console since they have dominate this generation in console sales already. I wonder if it is possible for them to come out with a firmware update that gives the Wii the ability to display games at 720p. That way all Nintendo needs to do is release an HDMI adapter cable (which would sale out instantly because you can’t just use a standard HMDI cable). I wouldn't worry about it upconverting old Wii games to 720p either. Only games that come out after the release of the update should be affected. That would take a little bit of wind out of the PS Move's (hardcore HD motion gaming) sail.

Oh knows, maybe that's why Metroid: Other M was delayed. Yea yea yea..I know! Can’t a guy dream though?

Bodyboarder_VGamer2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I don't think the Wii has the hardware to ouput 720p natively... 80mb of ram, 700mhz with no additional cores and really weak GPU that is not even faster than the one on the first Xbox. In fact even the CPU of the first Xbox it's the better one but the Wii has almost twice the ram but nothing more.

8thnightvolley2969d ago

u mean all of u that approved this couldnt see the title is a wrong sentence

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Why Nintendo needs to make an(A) HD console


kharma452969d ago

'An' is grammatically correct. If it were High Definition in the title it would be preceeded by 'a', but as it's HD it's 'an'.

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dangert122970d ago

they will but not this gen thats suicidel
splitting up your fan base etc

G4drake2970d ago

i am SICK of these, nintendo need HD console, i really don't care if is hd or not....i just want to play some games

Titanz2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Michael Patcher been saying this for how long now?


Playstation 2
Playstation 3

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii2!(It can happen)

dangert122970d ago

but they both were made to fight two seperate gens
and ps3 brought a bag more then hd

hatchimatchi2970d ago

nintendo doesn't need a hd console, what they need is 3rd parties to step up their game and not make garbage titles.

asdr3wsfas2969d ago

Eh, Tastunoko vs Capcom, Red Steel 2, and Monster Hunter 3 rock. I'd be playing them more if I wasn't stuck on ssf4...Cammy's my fucking girl.

BakedGoods2969d ago

I agree. Super Mario Galaxy 2 looked fantastic even without HD and AA.

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