What will the next Grand Theft Auto IV DLC be?

GGTL: "So, you've most definitely driven, flown and shot your way though the gritty streets of Liberty City as Niko Bellic. And, chances are, you've done your fair share of riding down the highway with the Lost in tow, blowing a lot of shiny things up for a man named Gay Tony. That's enough Grand Theft Auto IV for most people. But not us. We're really hungry. Hungry for more sights and storylines in the most crime-ridden city in video games. So, we've compiled a lovely neat list of possible settings for a hypothetical third piece of GTA IV DLC. Enjoy!"

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fastrez3036d ago

There won't be any. Simple...

PhilipLarkin3036d ago

Read it again. Hypothetical...

AliTheBrit193036d ago

Bad journalism though Philip, no point dwelling on what isn't going to be..

And we already know that at least one of them was supposed to be set around the Irish families (at one point 4 DLC's where planned)

Perjoss3036d ago

was having a little discussion about this the other day, we agreed if they did release a new DLC it should be a story told with the main character being a liberty city cop, he/she could be slightly corrupt too so it would not be all goody goody if you know what i mean.

RedDevils3036d ago

with GTIV, including the dlc, gay tony, lost and damn, I having way more fun with red dead redemption

kidnplay3036d ago

Nice article, a good read :)

gtamike3036d ago

no more gta4 dlc as rockstar said it's time to forget about Liberty City.

Kingdom Come3036d ago

But I don't want to forget Liberty City... :[
It's time we got an announcement of what was teased in Episodes of Liberty City.

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The story is too old to be commented.