Natal: Design Employs 'Wave' Shaped Elements

NowGamer: The name change looks set to be one of those rumours that's bang on...

You may remember a number of days ago NowGamer reported a world-exclusive on Natal’s possible name change to ‘Wave’, according to two insider sources from both Microsoft and the Natal development community.

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lonix2996d ago

Goodbye your hard earned cash

Bigpappy2996d ago

Go out there and find some real Natal new instead of make wild A$$ guesses. This is not clever or witty. M$ will let us know the name in just a few days.

tplarkin72996d ago

That "wave" in the grill does not look intentional. If they wanted to express a wave in the design, they would put it on the front.

dizzleK2996d ago

i'll "wave" goodbye to it as i pass it on the clearance aisle.

air12996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

yup i see the wave that is about to hit sony's move and its huge.. sony just talked about move too much too soon. the majority want to here about natal simply cause we dont know much about it. sony always kills off their own hype..

i am intersted in both move and natal but its like damn sony hates hype, thats something you need when you introduce a new product..

thebudgetgamer2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

but there are ten natal articles a day, and its never anything new. thats the only thing that bothers me. i will decide on both when i see games.

air12996d ago

because its 2 frikin weeks away. 2 weeks! and they will tell you everything yu need to know...

again microsoft isnt sony they dont show their hand too early, we get 10 articles a day cause ppl are excited on the potential alone. the interface is what has me sold, the real minority report, nothing in your hands.

dont let it bother you cause most of the articles are positive and in 2 week we will all know if its great or a bust..

thebudgetgamer2996d ago

not much of an article neither.

jimmins2996d ago

Nothing worse than people who don't even know what a pun is. There is no pun in that headline.

niceguywii602996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

How in the world did this get posted 3 times? A device would not be named because of the shape of the grill nor would they design the grill to match the name. When Natal's real name is announced it will be related to the technology or representing a message in Microsoft's case as always. How in the world does blinder style vents prove anything? I've never related my window blinders to waves lol.

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