Wii Party Has Some Clever Wiimote Minigames

Andriasang: Nintendo hasn't been forthcoming with Wii Party details despite having quietly announced a release date for the game yesterday. Thankfully, retailers aren't being so shy with the info.

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dangert123033d ago

thougth they would of run out off wii(insert name) games

Alcon Caper3033d ago

That game pleases crowds for hours!

midgard2273032d ago

80% of wii games are party games or shovelware.

give us more quality games like no more heroes, muramasa, last story, metroid other m etc there are normal gamers on the wii too you know nintendo....

turok3032d ago

... I will agree. Mario party looks more attractive than Wii Party and for a good reason: Mario. I never liked my Miis. Doing this game due to the positive sales of "friends collection" on DS dont mean it will hit the same on the wii. More StarFox and Fire emblem ninty and us wii owners be pleased. Fire emblem for me though thats all I want.

Kurisu3032d ago

Hiding a remote and looking for it isn't much of a party!

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